Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Cell No.

The cell no. has 10 digits. Let's suppose the no.is abcdefghij
All the digits are either squares or primes.
The following VIM regular expressions are divisible by 3.
There is no other minor variation (addition/deletion/change of one value) to the above which is divisble by 3.
One square appears its square root no.of times, and this square does not appear after any of its square root.
With the above hints, we can get 7 digits. In the remaining digits, First no.is the difference between the biggest square that we have already found and the biggest square that we have not yet used. Second digit is twice to the third digit.

If you find the answer, call me on this no. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Computer

I bought a computer more than 3.5 years back. After that, I did not buy any computer. Can a computer survive for 3.5 years in this age?

My Computer contains the following.
1. Mother Board - Due to some power outage problem, this stopped working eventhough I had UPS. Bought a Gigabyte mother board
2. Processor - I had to buy a new processor because of the change in the mother board. Bought Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor.
3. RAM - I had to buy new RAM because of the change in the mother board. Bought 2 GB RAM.
4. Hard Disk - My Hard disk crashed immediately after the warranty, so had to buy new one. Bought 160 GB hard disk.
5. TV Tuner Card - It stopped working, and the company did not give the new one for one month. So, bought a new one. Of course, the replacement also stopped working after the warranty.
6. CD Writer - I utilized it completely. So, it's life span was over, and I bought a new DVD Writer.
7. Keyboard - The keyboard was pathetic after 2 years. Bought a new mechanical keyboard. But, that also stopped working due to power outage. Have to buy a new keyboard.
8. Mouse - So far, two mouses were over. Have to buy a new mouse.
9. DVD ROM - It was not working properly after the warranty. Now, it is there for the name sake. You cannot even open it.
10. Cabinet - It was making so much noise. I changed the cabinet (Fortunately, this was a part of the warranty).
11. UPS - First UPS stopped working within 1 month after the warranty. After that, I bought two UPSs. But, now using another UPS given by Kondala Rao.
12. Spike Booster - Stopped working due to recent power outage. Have to buy a new one.
13. SMPS - Stopped working due to recent power outage. Bought a new one.

And the things that I have not yet replaced are
14. Monitor
15. Speakers - Not very good quality. I can live with those.
16. Floppy Drive - Who is still using this?

Is my computer new or old? What is the cost of my computer? If anyone (who do not have any knowledge of computers) asks what should I tell? If I tell it just costs 30,000, and they will buy a new computer, and will spend another 30,000 in the next 3 years for replacement of parts, and will start abusing me for this. Of couse, even my parents started with Rs.14,000, and finally end up spending Rs.22,000 for a second hand computer.

By the way, IRCTC is working fine now in Firefox. Thanks to DP and JP for letting me know.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Easiest way to get a deleted file back

Just tell one lawyer in US that, Mr.X violated a patent, and the proof is in that machine. You will get all the deleted files back irrespective of how the files were deleted.