Saturday, September 28, 2013

"None of the above" Option in Voting

For all those who are interested in voting for "None of the above",

For each of the candidates, do you have one reason why you are rejecting that candidate?

Just because, the candidates from the major political parties are bad, it does not mean that, all the candidates are bad.

If you don't spend some time in knowing about the better candidate, and blindly vote for "none of the above" or do not vote to anybody, then irrespective of how many reforms are there, there will not be any improvement.

Every political party should be able to say that, there is no need of "None of the above" option.

They should tell everyone that, people do not need to select "None of the above", since their party is doing best and people should vote for their party instead.

Every political party must contest in all the constituencies, or have an alliance with other political parties to cover all the constituencies. It should be able to tell to whom one should vote in all the constituencies. One cannot change the country without even contesting in the elections.

If that is not the case, then the best option for that party is closing it and becoming an NGO.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Discrimination by Caste, Religion, Region and Money

If someone gets special advantage by his/her caste, that is fine.

If someone gets special advantage by his/her religion, that is fine.

If someone gets special advantage by his/her region, that is fine.

If someone gets special advantage by his/her money, by giving it to the organization from which he/she gets the advantage, it is a big problem. You are depriving the privileges of meritorious and poor people. Are you selling this, instead of having proper procedure for the selection? We are going to fight against this.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I will be OOF for Few Days and Mr.X Would Handle Everything Till I Return

I will be Out of office for few days. Mr.X would handle everything in this project, till I return.

Mr.X would be in the most pathetic situation till, his manager returns. Because, whenever the manager goes on leave, he/she would give responsibility to one reportee of him/her. But, most of the time, the reportee won't get any power in taking any decisions. But, they have all the responsibility to solve the problem. Most importantly, the reportee cannot take the decision of "Not solving the problem", whereas the manager can take.

If the peers of the manager have issues with the manager and/or the reportee, then the reportee will have very good time when his/her manager is Out of office, and he/she gets the responsibility.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Four Years Back the Same Day

Whenever any dominating person (who disagrees with my design/coding) in the project takes leave for a week or more, I try to take the entire control of the project, and by the time the person comes back from the vacation, everything would be changed, and that person would almost see hell. Four years back, exactly the same day, my dev lead took leave for just one day, and I was shown hell.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Why Economic Reforms Could Not Change Life of Poor People?

Many people criticize economic reforms, saying that, it did not bring change to the life of poor people.

The reason why there was no change in the life of poor people is, economic reforms were not brought in the sectors that effect many poor people. There were no economic reforms in sectors like Agriculture, Transport, Education and Electricity. Unless we bring reforms in those sectors, poor people cannot develop. The sad thing is, many people are against reforms in those sectors.

If people are against the reforms and oppose in all the possible ways, then poor people will be like that only, and they blame it on the rich people (who became rich by the economic reforms).

If somebody fights to stay as poor, nobody can save them.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Profit By Rumours

In the movie, Broker, I saw the following, which I did not know before.

Industrialist (to Minister): Sir, we need a rumour that your ministry is stopping the subsidy given to our company.

Minister: If we stop the subsidy, it's loss to your company!

Then, Broker stops the minister

Broker: Rs.500 Crore

Industrialist: Excuse me

Broker: What you heard is true.

Industrialist: Why should I give you that much?

Broker: Now your company share value is Rs.250. In that your share is 25%. Remaining 75% is with the directors of your company and the shareholders. They are not agreeing with you for anything that you want to do. That means, you need 51% stake compulsorily in your company. You don't have the capacity to buy these shares at this rate. This rumour will help you to bring down the share value from Rs.250 to Rs.30. That's why today you came here for this rumour. If this rumour is spread, then you'll get a profit of Rs.2500 Crore. In that, our share is Rs.500 Crore.

Minister: Its just only 20%, quite common.

Industrialist: But a small ...

Broker: I understood what you want. Exactly after one month, after you buy those shares, Minister personally announces that this is a rumour. Is it okay?