Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Domain Name Competition

Around 3 years back, in my previous company, there was a competition for good domain name. All the employees were asked in a forum (of the company) to give good domain names which are available. If their domain name is selected, then, they would be given one good cell phone. Since, I am not very good at creative thinking, I did not bother about that competition.

But, after 3 years, I feel, conducting that type of competition is a very bad idea. Having registered more than 35 domains, I would love to know about that kind of competitions conducted in a forum. ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's been 2 months since Elections. Still CPI does not forget Mangalagiri

TDP, TRS, CPI and CPM formed an alliance called Maha Kutami (Grand Alliance). Around 20 seats are given to CPM and 13 seats are given to CPI. Their alliance was in trouble since the day one and they never had proper co-operation among themselves. In the first phase of elections, in few places, TRS and TDP contested together and in another place TRS and CPI contested together. Eventhough they had formed alliance, still more than one party contesting was common.

In the second phase of the elections, both CPM and CPI contested together in Mangalagiri. General Secretary of CPI, Narayana says that, Chandrababu gave Mangalagiri seat to CPI, but, CPM violated the alliance policy and filed nomination there. Since that day, everyday Narayana is criticizing CPM for contesting in Mangalagiri. Mangalagiri became very popular by that.

Communists have strong base in Mangalagiri since Independence. First MLA of Mangalagiri belongs to CPI. Till 1975, CPI was always in first two positions in all the assembly elections. After that, Janatha Party, and then Telugu Desam Party won in Mangalagiri. Very soon, TDP got very strong base in Mangalagiri, and TDP candidate Dr.M.S.S.Koteswara Rao defeated famous actress Jamuna. After that, TDP formed alliance with Communists. Eventhough, TDP has strong base in Mangalagiri, and it can contest there, still it had to give it to communists, because that was the best place for communists. Since then, CPM has been contesting there, and it was in the first two places till 2003.

In this election, CPM and CPI got 25,000 each and Congress won with around 50,000 votes. I don't know when will CPI stop criticizing CPM about Mangalagiri. Till then, Mangalagiri gets free publicity.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Insider Information

I heard from many people that, if anyone has insider information, then they can be very successful in trading of that company. I never paid serious attention to that, because, I don't have any plans to be in the senior management/finance department of any public company in the next decade or so.

I am a small developer at the bottom most level. So, I thought, I never need to worry about insider information, because, I will never know it. But, it is not always correct. Sometimes, even ordinary developers at bottom most level also get that information officially. It is just that, the developers have to use their common sense, whether it will impact the trading or not. I failed miserably in that.

I sold the shares that I have at a rate comparatively higher in the last 7 months or so. I thought I was at an advantage. But, if I had waited for some more time, I would have got atleast 10% profit.

If anybody is going to disclose the insider information or any direct/indirect hint as a comment, I would delete that comment.

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