Thursday, October 28, 2010

Interesting StackOverflow Exception in C#

class Program
  public static void Main(string[] args)
    Program p = new Program();
    p.Krishna = 10;

  private int krishna;
  public int Krishna
      return krishna;
      Krishna = value;

In the set block, change from Krishna to krishna, and the stack overflow exception will go away.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rankings in Cricket

When India lost a test match few months back, the statement from someone,

India does not deserve to be Number 1.

When Australia lost continuously three test matches and dropped to fifth position, the statement from an Australian cricketer,

Australia does not deserve to be in Number 5. We deserve to be at a better rank. The ranking formula is considering very old matches also.

I cannot understand these people. ICC came up with the ranking formula for the teams and individual team members by considering the matches in the last few months. It takes many things into consideration, and comes up with one number, which represents how they compare with others. If the team is continuously losing few matches and is still at number one position, it means, the team won so many matches with many countries, and these defeats are negligible when compared to the wins they had. The ranking formula takes care of all these things.

When they introduced the ranking, nobody objected to it. But, once they dropped in the ranking, if they give statements like Australia does not deserve to be in number 5, what are they trying to say? Do they want to hard code the formula that, Australia is always number 1, or do they want to change the formulas after every match in such a way that, Australia is always in number 1 position?

If anyone thinks that, the formula is not actually representing the team's rank, then they should suggest the changes in the formula. There is no use of criticizing that, the particular team does not deserve to be in that rank.

Australians do not have right to suggest now. They should have suggested when they were in number 1 position for many years. If the suggestions of the Australian cricketer had been implemented many years back, Australia would have lost number one position much before.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Quote of the Day

You will not grow if your manager does not have work.
You will not get promotion if your manager does not have time.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Typical Feedback of Software Engineer

When the developer is just doing whatever is assigned to him/her - the manager feels that, he/she should be proactive.

When he/she is proactive and taking bigger things - The controllers of the project feel that, he/she should not have done that.

When he/she is proactive just at the code level - Other team members of the project see it as a red flag, and raises to his/her manager, and his/her manager asks him/her to stop doing that.

When the developer is just doing whatever is assigned to him/her - the manager feels that, he/she should be proactive.
It never ends.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why do we need BMW or Benz? Is Maruthi Not Enough?

Whenever few people talk about cars at length, then definitely somebody or other says something like Why do we need BMW or Benz? Is Maruthi Not Enough? Till a month back, I used to think that, it is a waste of money to spend more than the basic limit on cars. I had to change my mind after one incident on Sep 7th.

On September 7th, one engineering student who is a son of a big business magnet was travelling in Honda Accord. He was driving very rashly, and at one place, he lost the control of the vehicle and it hit the divider and fell on a Tata Indica car that was coming in the opposite direction. There were four people in that car, and two people died on the spot, and one person died after few days. The driver escaped with injuries.

But, nothing happened to the student who was driving rashly. Honda Accord has all the security measures, and even in the worst accidents, the people escape with no injuries or very minor injuries. He escaped without any injuries, but, still, he joined the most expensive hospital in Hyderabad, and took the most expensive room that hospital offers, only to escape from the police and court cases.

My friend's friend's brother is one of the three people who died in that accident. After that incident, I realized that, BMW or Benz is never a waste of money. It is just that, since, we cannot afford it, we don't buy. But, if we can afford it, it is definitely worth the money. Had those people were travelling in any expensive vehicles which have all the security measures, nothing would have happened to them.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Airtel From Best to Worst

In 2005

I had airtel internet connection, and had a normal modem. I was told that ADSL modem is better, and I called the customer care at 11 PM for ADSL modem. Next day morning by 11 AM, I got ADSL modem.

Once I returned from my home town at around 1 PM. When I came home, I realized that, both airtel phone and internet connection are not working. The reason that I came to know later was, the wires were cut, and they had to get new wires and set it up. By 3.30 PM, both phone and internet connection were working. Within 2.5 hours, they came to my house, found that, the wires were cut, they returned to office and brought wires to my house, and arranged everything. For a home connection, by any standard, it was too fast.

In 2010

If you have not bashed the customer care already from the number that you have, or if your profile looks like you are a normal person, then by default, airtel activates many services for you. For any service, the minimum charge is Re.1 per day, and if they activate three services, you will be paying Rs.90 per month. If you call the customer care, they would say that, you have accepted the service when you received the call. If you say that, you did not get any call, they just do not listen.

Recently, I took a new airtel number. After some time, I saw a message on my cell. It is not an SMS. It is like a message that is displayed after the call is ended to display the balance and expiry date etc. It said some thing like, "blah blah blah..To activate this service, click ok. To do not activate this service, click back". If anyone does not read that message or does not understand the message, they would click only ok. That is the acceptance of activating the service, and they would just activate it.

You cannot call karnataka customer care from outside karnataka. You can call only from karnataka number. If you are outside, and if your karnataka number is not working, you have no way of getting help unless you goto karnataka or you take help of people in karnataka (except airtel customer care people). If your number is AP's number, then you just cannot call customer care from outside AP, even from working AP's number.

Around a month back, I got message that, I have to submit id and address proofs. I submitted within a week, and I was still getting the messages. I called the customer care and asked about it. They said, if I had submitted the docs, then I can ignore that message. Those messages are sent to everyone, and there is no filtering of the numbers. I was moving out of AP, and one day before moving out, I went to airtel office, and asked whether I need to submit the docs again. They said, it is not required. after, I moved out of AP, they blocked my number. I could not call customer care of AP from outside AP, and the customer care people in the state I am staying said, they cannot help it. I had to call my friends in AP and they called customer care number from airtel number (from other phones, it won't work) and with lot of fight they activated it and they told that, if I don't submit the documents, it would be deactivated in three days. Airtel people misplaced my documents, and now, I had to spend lot of time and effort and take help of many other people to activate it again.

I don't think other service providers are any better. Eventhough, the service of Airtel is very bad, still it is better among the worst service providers. So, I don't think I will shift to other service providers soon. I may keep other providers just as a backup.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Cheating in Business Vs Cheating in Captial

You and your friend wanted to start a business together. You started the business informally without much legal formalities, since, you believe your friend. After couple of years, when the business is at it's peak, your friend thrown you out of the business by paying peanuts. Since, your friend handled most of the legal formalities and everything was under his name, you cannot even take him to court. Essentially, you lost everything.

How do you want to criticize him? Do you want to beat him or kill him? Please keep that anger for few more minutes.

People of different areas together developed one city and that city started generating lot of revenue for the entire state. Now, the people surrounding that city want a separate state for themselves so that, they get exclusive rights on that city, and other people will lose their share on the revenue of that city.

This scenario is exactly same as the above scenario. If you had become angry by reading the first scenario, please show the same anger on the people who are looting in the second scenario.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Don't talk Negatively

If somebody likes you so much, then don't talk negatively with them about them. If you tell them like, You will not get it, You cannot do it, or You will lose it, then that may really happen.