Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cartoon in Eenadu on Lokpal and Corruption

Translation: Lokpal is coming. If you are going to give Rs.25 Lakh or Rs.50 Lakh, it will not workout. There is more risk. Think about it. Unless you bring double the amount, it cannot be done.

Without understanding why the corruption is there in the first place, if we try to reduce the corruption, this is what happens.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Six Stages of Learning

According to the ancient Indian education system, there are six stages involved in learning anything.

a) Information - In the first stage you tend to gather information. You tend to become familiar with basic terminology and vocabulary.

b) Knowledge - When you are able to relate the various pieces of information, you are said to have acquired knowledge.

c) Skill - When you apply the acquired knowledge practically you develop a skill. Skill can be mastered only by constant practice.

d) Insight - When you have spent sufficient time in perfecting your skill, you automatically come to know why a certain thing happens in a certain way. You now can see a pattern which ordinary people may not be able to see. Thus you now have insight.

e) Foresight - After developing insight (knowing the pattern in past), when you project the pattern in future, you can start predicting things. Thus now you have developed foresight (projecting patterns in future with high accuracy).

f) Wisdom - After developing foresight, anyone can use it for personal benefit. But when you develop ability and motivation to use the foresight for the benefit of the society, you are said to have reached the stage of wisdom.

In english language everyone is called a teacher, but sanskrit is a very rich language. There was given a different designation for each type of teacher at each stage of learning.

One who gives you information, is designated as "Adhyaapaka".
One who imparts knowledge is called as "Upaadhyaaya".
One who teaches you a particular skill is "Aachaarya".
One who gives you insight is called "Pandit".
One who gives foresight is called "Drashtaa" (seer).
And finally one who gives you wisdom is called "Guru".

Courtesy: Rajesh Tiruveedula

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quote of the Day - Sexual Harassment on Women

I would like to shoot the feminists who fight for sexual harassment on women without fighting for improving public transport.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Side Effects of Dowry - Dowry From Working Women

The following is taken from Idli, Orchid and Will-Power by Vital Venktaesh Kamath.

Venkatesh Kamath's friend's daughter marriage was fixed. But, later on his friend was thinking of dropping the match, because, the bridegroom was asking for a car. He was not even in a situation to buy a scooter. He came to Kamath and told the same.

Kamath asked him to bring the bridegroom once. He brought the bridegroom to his hotel. After talking casually for some time, Kamath asked the groom, whether he was fine with the marriage, if he gets a car. The groom said, he does not have any problem. Then Kamath told his friend to print the wedding cards and sent him away.

After that, Kamath asked the groom, "Why are you asking for a small car? Ask for Mercedes."

Groom: "No way. They cannot give. Even this car, I did not ask. My mother asked."

Kamath: "It does not matter who forced. Finally, you only asked. So, ask for big car."

Groom (got confused): "We don't have place even to put a small car. How can I ask for a big car?"

Kamath: "Then ask for a garrage for the car also."

Groom: "They don't have capacity even to give a small car. How can I ask for a big car and a garrage?"

Kamath: "That is not your problem. I will make sure that, they would give all those."

Groom: "Are you going to give money to them?"

Kamath: "Yes, as a loan"

Groom: "How can they repay you. They don't have that much capacity."

Kamath: "I will tell you one life secret. No daughter would like, if her father is in debt. If her father has taken the loan for her, then she would prefer to clear it as soon as possible. That is also, if her husband works in a big company like L&T, then she would prefer to clear it even sooner. She takes Rs.100 everyday from you and saves it. She gives that to your father-in-law, and he would give it to me. That way, I would get back my money through your wife from you."

Later on, the groom married the girl without any dowry.

Recently, my friend got married. She has given dowry in the form of cash and gold to the groom. She has taken loan equivalent to the total dowry amount. After the marriage, She would clear the loan from her salary.

After hearing that, I got confused on what the groom or his family thinking while taking the dowry. One reason might be, they may be thinking that, after the marriage, she may reject to give her salary, so better to take it now itself as dowry.

At the end, By taking the dowry, the third party who has given the loan to the bride is getting benefited.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Different Roles in Software Development

In many product based companies, the developers at different levels starting from Trainee Software Engineer till Distinguished Engineer, are given the same kind of work. But, the way they do that work would be lot different.

If some work is given to developers of different levels, and if all of them do their best, then others may say the following in response to their work.

Distinguished Engineer - He has not delivered anything.

Principal Software Architect - He has not written even single line of code.

Technical Architect - Even a kid can write the code that he has written.

Sr.Software Engineer - He has developed a complex functionality single handedly.

Software Engineer - He has developed one of the most complex functionalities with very good design, which uses all the concepts of design patterns.

Trainee Software Engineer - He has developed the application by using all the latest technologies, it's latest features, and all the concepts of design patterns. To understand what he has written, one needs to learn all the latest concepts in the latest technologies.

(If the problem can be solved by changing the process or the way they use the system, then it won't require any new product to solve the problem. Even if it cannot be solved by changing the process, if it can be solved by using existing products in a different way, that would be better. That's how, Distinguished Engineers and Principal Software Architects work.)

By the way, My lead is taking lot of time to understand the code that I have written with the latest concepts. I also used the following comment, while sending for review.
// When I wrote this, only God and I understood what I was doing
// Now, God only knows

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obituary - Google Buzz - Rest in Peace

Yesterday, Google Buzz died.

When Google Buzz started last year, the no.of visitors to my blog has increased by many times just in few days. It was very simple and user-friendly to share and read. My blog would be definitely effected by the death of Google Buzz.

I feel, it was the biggest stupid decision that Google has taken till now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Laziness is not a bad quality. If somebody is lazy, it only means, they do not have interest, or Physical or Mental strength to do the specific task.

Lack of Interest need not be a negative point. If the person has more interest on others, then they may never get interest to do this and may think it is lazy. For example, if someone has interest in doing something, but, whenever they would like to work on that, if they remember something more important, then that never gets done.

Lack of Physical strength is one major thing in laziness, and many times, it is very difficult to understand. Many people think that, a person is healthy or not healthy, and there is nothing in between. But, there are many stages between healthy and not healthy. If the person does not have enough energy to do something, then unintentionally, they may try to skip doing that. When people become old, this would become more clearly visible. In recent times, With the change in the food habits and many other things, by the time one reaches the age of 30, their energy reduces significantly, and they may try to skip many things, which appears to others as laziness.

If the mind is too stressed, or if it does not get enough rest or relaxation, then the mind may not work effectively. In that case, one may try to skip the tasks that requires thinking. Others may consider this as laziness.

Many times, it is very difficult to find the root cause of the laziness. It can be as simple as, having spectacles of power slightly less than or more than the required. In that case, they can see everything clearly and they won't get headache. But, it would cause uncomfortable to them and they would feel like taking rest instead of doing work.

Once the problem crosses a certain limit and makes them unhealthy, they would get the treatment, and everything becomes normal. But, if the person is in between healthy and unhealthy for quite some time, that would lead to laziness. They think, they are healthy, where as they are not.

If you care about others who are lazy, help them in identifying the root cause rather than making fun of them. If others are making fun of you for your laziness, they are not worth of being your friends.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dr.JP is Not Accessible to Kukatpally People

Instead of worrying about the agriculture issues in the state and fighting with the government,
Instead of worrying about the societies acts and fighting in the courts opposing the government,
Instead of worrying about the lokpal bill and presenting his opinions to the parliamentary committee,

If Dr.JP decides to worry about the drainage, garbage or street lights in Kukatpally, I would not support him or Lok Satta.

I would prefer to have a leader, who would use his/her complete power in developing the entire country. If the leader has so much power, but, sticks to only very limited area and uses very less powers for the people, then probably, he/she would be better suited in philosophy and may be an ideal example of a monk. But, never in politics or business.

If everyone in the state wants their MLAs and MPs to work for their local issues, then there won't be anybody to worry about the state issues or country issues.

If Dr.JP spends more effort to solve their local problems, so that he can win in the next elections, then his whole life would be spent in that only, and there will never be any end.

I believe, and I feel Lok Satta also believes that, the actual change that we need to bring is, make people aware that, their vote can change their life, and only their vote can change their life. Winning in the elections is never a primary.

If Kukatpally people think that, there is somebody else who can better serve them, let them elect them instead of Dr.JP. I don't have any issues and I strongly feel that, even Dr.JP does not have any issues on that.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

FDI in Retail

I cannot understand the issue with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail. I don't know whether the protesters are clear on what they are protesting.

Is it issue with Foreign Money?

If it is the issue with foreign money, then won't the same problems be there, if the money is invested by the Indians? How does it matter whether the profits are earned by Indians or foreigners? Indians are already buying enough foreign goods to give profits to the foreigners. Are you going to stop buying foreign goods to save Indian industry?

Is it the issue with Super Markets, because of which Retail business would be effected?

Any kind of development would have impact in many people. Many people may have to move to different kind of jobs as part of the evolution. If everyone wants to do the same kind of work everyday for whole life, then obviously there won't be any development.

Those who are worried about employment, instead of fighting to ban FDI, if they fight to ban ATMs in India, that would create lot of employment.

Why Indians are not investing in Super Markets significantly

I don't think any domain where free market is allowed, one can earn lot of profits. If there are many opportunities to earn profits, then many people would be there in the field already and would make the entire domain saturated. Best examples are Telecommunications, Airlines and TV Channels. Many of them are not in profits or having marginal profits. I don't think super markets is a best option to get lot of profits.

If there are no profits, then Why foreign companies are coming?

If there is minimum guarantee to the investment, there are many Indians who are ready to invest. But, if there are losses, or one has to wait for a long time to get profits, then not that many Indians are ready to invest. Whereas, the US companies are ready to take lot of risk. They are ready to wait for a long time to get the returns and they don't mind investing a lot in research, where the returns are not guaranteed. They may invest in India for the returns they may get in the future.

If the foreign companies are coming and going to make losses in India, then we should invite them with red carpet and should allow 100% investment, because, if they are making losses, it means Indians are making profits.

Right now, is there any cost advantage in Retail?

I don't see any cost advantage in super markets. Most of the regular commodities are sold at MRP. Vegetables and fruits etc., are more expensive in super markets than the road side shops. But, in road side shops, one may have to bargain to reduce the price. Even for expensive items like Mobile phones also, if you go to small shops, you may get it little cheaper than the shops in the big malls.

Many people (including myself) prefer malls/super markets, because, one can buy everything at one place, browse through the items and can check new products, pay by credit card/food coupons without extra charge, and there is no need to bargain. There may be indirect price advantage, because while browsing, one can see less expensive alternate products, and buy them.

Is it a way to convert to Black money to White?

India would be at advantage, if the black money is invested in India rather than saving in foreign banks.


Irrespective of what all happens, if the government does not encourage open competition (i.e., if it puts restrictions to the new players), then it would lead to monopoly and everyone would suffer. If government ensures that, any person/organization can enter into this business without much hassle, then everyone would be benefited.

The foreign investment should not be allowed in cases of security, agriculture lands, or any other thing which is limited in India. In all other fields, we should allow foreign investment.

If the FDI bill is not passed in the parliament for whatever reasons, I would consider that as the failure of BJP and nobody else.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I Support Y.S.Jagan, KCR and Mamatha Banerjee

Y.S.Jagan says, sun rises in the east. I agree to him. So, I am supporting Y.S.Jagan.

KCR says, the capital of Andhra Pradesh is Hyderabad. I agree to him as well. So, I am supporting KCR as well.

Mamatha Banerjee says, West Bengal is a state in India. I agree to her also. So, I am also supporting Mamatha Banerjee.

The media people are no way better than this. If a leader, say, Dr.JP says, he is supporting something, and if some other popular leader, say, Chandrababu is also supporting the same, their statement would be, "Dr.JP is supporting Chandrababu", as if Dr.JP is supporting everything that Chandrababu says. Let's say, if Chandrababu is opposing the same, their statement would be, "Dr.JP is opposing Chandrababu", as if Dr.JP is opposing everything.

I feel frustrated to see this kind of statements even from the so called intellectuals. If you take any four people in this world, then atleast two of them would be on the same side, (assuming that there are three options, supporting, opposing and neutral). It does not mean that, the two, who are on the same side are supporting each other in everything.

The media won't change anyway. I would be happy, if atleast those who feel themselves as intellectuals write/say properly.

I am frustrated to read the statements of the so-called supporters of Lok Satta on Dr.JP's stand on no-confidence motion. He is neutral to No-Confidence Motion. Period.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Quote of the Day - Failure of Woman

Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, "She doesn't have what it takes"; They will say, "Women don't have what it takes"

Courtesy: Udaya Reddy