Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Side Effects of Dowry - Dowry From Working Women

The following is taken from Idli, Orchid and Will-Power by Vital Venktaesh Kamath.

Venkatesh Kamath's friend's daughter marriage was fixed. But, later on his friend was thinking of dropping the match, because, the bridegroom was asking for a car. He was not even in a situation to buy a scooter. He came to Kamath and told the same.

Kamath asked him to bring the bridegroom once. He brought the bridegroom to his hotel. After talking casually for some time, Kamath asked the groom, whether he was fine with the marriage, if he gets a car. The groom said, he does not have any problem. Then Kamath told his friend to print the wedding cards and sent him away.

After that, Kamath asked the groom, "Why are you asking for a small car? Ask for Mercedes."

Groom: "No way. They cannot give. Even this car, I did not ask. My mother asked."

Kamath: "It does not matter who forced. Finally, you only asked. So, ask for big car."

Groom (got confused): "We don't have place even to put a small car. How can I ask for a big car?"

Kamath: "Then ask for a garrage for the car also."

Groom: "They don't have capacity even to give a small car. How can I ask for a big car and a garrage?"

Kamath: "That is not your problem. I will make sure that, they would give all those."

Groom: "Are you going to give money to them?"

Kamath: "Yes, as a loan"

Groom: "How can they repay you. They don't have that much capacity."

Kamath: "I will tell you one life secret. No daughter would like, if her father is in debt. If her father has taken the loan for her, then she would prefer to clear it as soon as possible. That is also, if her husband works in a big company like L&T, then she would prefer to clear it even sooner. She takes Rs.100 everyday from you and saves it. She gives that to your father-in-law, and he would give it to me. That way, I would get back my money through your wife from you."

Later on, the groom married the girl without any dowry.

Recently, my friend got married. She has given dowry in the form of cash and gold to the groom. She has taken loan equivalent to the total dowry amount. After the marriage, She would clear the loan from her salary.

After hearing that, I got confused on what the groom or his family thinking while taking the dowry. One reason might be, they may be thinking that, after the marriage, she may reject to give her salary, so better to take it now itself as dowry.

At the end, By taking the dowry, the third party who has given the loan to the bride is getting benefited.

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