Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I Support Y.S.Jagan, KCR and Mamatha Banerjee

Y.S.Jagan says, sun rises in the east. I agree to him. So, I am supporting Y.S.Jagan.

KCR says, the capital of Andhra Pradesh is Hyderabad. I agree to him as well. So, I am supporting KCR as well.

Mamatha Banerjee says, West Bengal is a state in India. I agree to her also. So, I am also supporting Mamatha Banerjee.

The media people are no way better than this. If a leader, say, Dr.JP says, he is supporting something, and if some other popular leader, say, Chandrababu is also supporting the same, their statement would be, "Dr.JP is supporting Chandrababu", as if Dr.JP is supporting everything that Chandrababu says. Let's say, if Chandrababu is opposing the same, their statement would be, "Dr.JP is opposing Chandrababu", as if Dr.JP is opposing everything.

I feel frustrated to see this kind of statements even from the so called intellectuals. If you take any four people in this world, then atleast two of them would be on the same side, (assuming that there are three options, supporting, opposing and neutral). It does not mean that, the two, who are on the same side are supporting each other in everything.

The media won't change anyway. I would be happy, if atleast those who feel themselves as intellectuals write/say properly.

I am frustrated to read the statements of the so-called supporters of Lok Satta on Dr.JP's stand on no-confidence motion. He is neutral to No-Confidence Motion. Period.


  1. Brother...

    The question before JP was 'Does he have confidence that this government can fulfill its responsibilities to the people of the state?'. Now, any casual observer knows how our state was governed for the past 2 years: handling of Telangana, farmers, education, healthcare. What is neutral about this performance? Also, JP clearly said in the past 2 weeks that he will vote FOR no-confidence. What prompted him to change his stand?

  2. This post is not about supporting or opposing Dr.JP in his voting.

    It is about people saying, he supports chandrababu, or opposes chandrababu etc.

  3. he voted neutrally ...... he clearly said :i vote for discussion only ......our media dont cover it