Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Laziness is not a bad quality. If somebody is lazy, it only means, they do not have interest, or Physical or Mental strength to do the specific task.

Lack of Interest need not be a negative point. If the person has more interest on others, then they may never get interest to do this and may think it is lazy. For example, if someone has interest in doing something, but, whenever they would like to work on that, if they remember something more important, then that never gets done.

Lack of Physical strength is one major thing in laziness, and many times, it is very difficult to understand. Many people think that, a person is healthy or not healthy, and there is nothing in between. But, there are many stages between healthy and not healthy. If the person does not have enough energy to do something, then unintentionally, they may try to skip doing that. When people become old, this would become more clearly visible. In recent times, With the change in the food habits and many other things, by the time one reaches the age of 30, their energy reduces significantly, and they may try to skip many things, which appears to others as laziness.

If the mind is too stressed, or if it does not get enough rest or relaxation, then the mind may not work effectively. In that case, one may try to skip the tasks that requires thinking. Others may consider this as laziness.

Many times, it is very difficult to find the root cause of the laziness. It can be as simple as, having spectacles of power slightly less than or more than the required. In that case, they can see everything clearly and they won't get headache. But, it would cause uncomfortable to them and they would feel like taking rest instead of doing work.

Once the problem crosses a certain limit and makes them unhealthy, they would get the treatment, and everything becomes normal. But, if the person is in between healthy and unhealthy for quite some time, that would lead to laziness. They think, they are healthy, where as they are not.

If you care about others who are lazy, help them in identifying the root cause rather than making fun of them. If others are making fun of you for your laziness, they are not worth of being your friends.

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