Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Six Stages of Learning

According to the ancient Indian education system, there are six stages involved in learning anything.

a) Information - In the first stage you tend to gather information. You tend to become familiar with basic terminology and vocabulary.

b) Knowledge - When you are able to relate the various pieces of information, you are said to have acquired knowledge.

c) Skill - When you apply the acquired knowledge practically you develop a skill. Skill can be mastered only by constant practice.

d) Insight - When you have spent sufficient time in perfecting your skill, you automatically come to know why a certain thing happens in a certain way. You now can see a pattern which ordinary people may not be able to see. Thus you now have insight.

e) Foresight - After developing insight (knowing the pattern in past), when you project the pattern in future, you can start predicting things. Thus now you have developed foresight (projecting patterns in future with high accuracy).

f) Wisdom - After developing foresight, anyone can use it for personal benefit. But when you develop ability and motivation to use the foresight for the benefit of the society, you are said to have reached the stage of wisdom.

In english language everyone is called a teacher, but sanskrit is a very rich language. There was given a different designation for each type of teacher at each stage of learning.

One who gives you information, is designated as "Adhyaapaka".
One who imparts knowledge is called as "Upaadhyaaya".
One who teaches you a particular skill is "Aachaarya".
One who gives you insight is called "Pandit".
One who gives foresight is called "Drashtaa" (seer).
And finally one who gives you wisdom is called "Guru".

Courtesy: Rajesh Tiruveedula


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