Thursday, April 13, 2023

Finding the people who did not vote for his party

Eventhough, there were many things that I do not like about Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy, I could not stop appreciating his technical skills.

In the recent MLC elections in the MLAs quota, YSRCP found the people who did not vote for them. 

In India, all the elections are conducted in secret. When a person is voting, he/she is not supposed to show the vote to anyone. In the recent MLC elections, the MLAs did not show their vote to anyone. Still, YSRCP found their MLAs who did not vote for them.

Unlike regular elections that are conducted for the general public, in the elections for the upper house and president, one has to give the ranking of the candidates. The candidates would be selected by proportional representation. 

In this particular case, since there was only one extra candidate than the no.of seats, in general, only the first and second choices of each vote would have impact, and other choices would not have any impact.

What YSRCP did was, it gave unique choices to each of their MLAs for all the options. Each MLA is supposed to vote exactly by the rankings that were given to him/her. 

Eventhough, the MLA is not going to show the vote during the counting, the counting agent can view the ballot paper and they have noted down the rankings for each ballet paper. They got all the rankings of all the ballot papers, matched with the expected rankings of their MLAs, and checked which ones were missing. From that, they found the MLAs who did not vote for their party and they were expelled from the party.