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Interview with Vundavalli Arun Kumar And Jaya Sankar

There was an interview with Vundavalli Arun Kumar and Jaya Sankar in Sakshi about Telangana and United Andhra. Vundavalli Arun Kumar clarified all the points raised by Jaya Sankar about Telangana.

Few points in the interview: The text in italics is my commentary.

Vundavalli: There was Telangana movement in 1969, and In 1972, when we had Jai Andhra movement. During that time, there were four Chief Ministers from Telangana. (P.V.Narasimha Rao, Velagam Jangala Rao, Chenna Reddy and Anjaiah). Why did not they give separate Telangana, when we ourselves asked to separate the state. It was Telangana leaders that made us united.

Jaya Sankar: 68.5% of of Krishna River flows in Mahaboobnagar. 70% of fertile land is in Telangana. If we take the catchment area of the river, Telangana should get 68.5% of water. If we take the fertile land, we should get 70%. Bachavath tribunal gave 811 TMC of water to A.P. But, Telangana is getting only 100 TMC. Similarly, 79% of Godavari river is in Telangana. How much are we getting?

Vundavalli: I live on the banks of Godavari, and had seen many floods. When there are floods, I used to feel like, why Telangana people do not stop some water and take it. Every year, more than 3000 TMCs of water is flowing to the sea. Why don't they take that water? The reason is, in telangana, the height with respect to sea level is very high.

The heights with respect to sea level.

In Telangana
Nizamabad - 1296 ft
Warangal - 991 ft
Kareemnagar - 869 ft
Adilabad - 866 ft
Nalgonda - 1381 ft

In Rayalaseema,
Anathapuram - 1099 ft
Chittoor - 1093 ft
Kurnool - 899 ft
Kadapa - 463 ft

In Coastal
Vijayawada - 39 ft
Visakhapatnam - 16 ft
Rajahmundry - 46 ft

If the height is very high, then water has to be lifted. (It is very expensive to lift the water to the height of Telangana area.) Because of less height, even if coastal areas do not want to get water, still, we get lot of water. That is the reason, why there were no projects in Telangana, and many projects on Krishna and Godavari rivers in Coastal areas.

The irrigation area in 1956 and 2004 are as follows (in Lakh acres).

Telangana - 17.51 (1956) - 45.29 (2004) increased by 27.78
Coastal - 41.8 (1956) - 69.98 (2004) increased by 28.18
Rayalaseema - 9.07 (1956) - 16.23 (2004) increased by 7.16

The increase in the irrigation area is almost equal in Telangana and Coastal. In Rayalaseema, the situation is very bad, because of the height with respect to sea level.

Once the Jala Yagnam is finished, then Telangana would get water for another 57.56 lakh acres, Coastal gets 26.47 lakh acres and Rayalaseema gets 20.18 lakh acres. With that, the total irrigation area in telangana would be 102 lakh acres, Coastal - 96 lakh acres, and Rayalaseema - 36 lakh acres

Jaya Sankar: Telangana gets more than 50% of the revenue from excise, forest, mines etc. From the area or population wise, we should get 42%. But, we are not getting our share.

Vundavalli: If we take GDP Growth Rate, Per capita income, IAMR Reports, Human Index, Literacy rate or anything, Telangana is not backwards. For example, lot of water is required for producing rice. Godavari and Krishna districts have been in the first place for a long time. According calculations of FCI in 2009-10, after godavari districts, Kareemnagar is in third place. Nizamabad and Nalgonda are equivalent to Krishna district. If we take the districts which produce least, they are Visakhapatnam, Chittoor, Kadapa, Ananthapur, Prakasam. In the first 5 places, there are three districts of Telangana. In the last 5 districts, there are no districts of Telangana. Telangana is not backwards, and saying that United Andhra is the reason for its backwards is not at all true.

Jaya Sankar: Just take the G.O. that was released four days back. Nabard released Rs.130 crore to Andhra and Rayalaseema, and Rs.9 crore to Telangana. How many times do we have to beg them to give what we should get?

Vundavalli: Neither Central Government nor State Government have rights to spend money in whatever they want. Wherever the money is spent, there is Public Accounts Committee that manages this money. That is headed by opposition party member. That committee has right to validate all the proposals. Probably, the numbers that he is mentioning may be correct. Sometimes, few areas get more funds in few G.O.s and at other times, other areas get more funds. I can show you 100 G.O.s where Telangana got majority of funds. But, can we say that, only Telangana got entire money? For Nabard funds, we are yet to spend lot of money, and talking about it right now may not be correct.

Jaya Sankar: We are always looted in everything including jobs, funds, water etc.

Vundavalli: Was there any cabinet without ministers from Telangana? Did not we conduct elections in Telangana? Did we stop anyone from Telangana in anything? If something did not happen as expected, who should take the responsibility? Are the elected leaders in Telangana not responsible for that? Now, KCR is talking about Telangana. What did he do when he was in a prominent role in TDP at the time of NTR and Chandrababu? If he had really demanded then, atleast few would have solved by now. Did he talk even once about problems in Telangana before forming the party in 2001?

Jaya Sankar: Movement is not just by KCR. We have been doing it for the last 50 years.

Vundavalli: How many times, have you tried to solve the problems of Telangana in democratic way?

Jaya Sankar: Nobody cares even Supreme Court Orders. No need to speak of normal MLAs. Don't you know about the situation of Telangana? Do we have to ask specifically?

Vundavalli: Corruption, Cheating, Looting etc., are there in all the places. It is not specific to Telangana. There are many things done to reduce those. We are somewhat successful in that. That's why this increase in Human Index Rates. There are poor people everywhere. They can be from Vijayanagaram or Anathapuram or Adilabad. Government never considered the people from Coastal, Rayalaseema and Telangana regions differently. But, this has been colored and started injecting into people of Telangana that, "Coastal area people are looting Telagana people".

KCR is a Member of Parliament. He should raise the issues in Parliament. Instead of raising the issues there, he had chosen to do fasting and made the situation so bad. In my opinion, after 2009 elections, he faced problems everywhere. Whether is in the people's judgement, or from their party members. He wanted to be in limelight, and took up this. He knew that only with Telangana movement, he would be observed, and took up this fasting.

Jaya Sankar: Why did Hyderabad became capital of United Andhra? Since, they did not have a capital, and told us that we would have all the rights. That's why we allowed them. Now, they are saying that, they developed the capital, and are asking for making it as union territory. If we have to do that, then make Mumbai, Kolkatha and Chennai as Union territories first, and then ask for Hyderabad.

Vundavalli: When we say, Hyderabad is the capital, it means, we came to your home. For the last 50 years, we thought it as our capital. Eventhough we had problems in 1969 and 1972, still we are staying peacefully till 2000. Everyone knows that Telangana movement is strong in Telangana. But, you should not say that, you would move andhra people out of Telangana, or you would destroy andhra hotels, or you would stop andhra people from making movies.

There is a big difference between Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. When Andhra state is formed, Telugu people had asked for a separate state, and that's why Andhra had to give up Chennai. When Gujarathis asked for a separate state, they had to give up Mumbai. Now, Telangana people want separate state, they are asking andhra people to give up the state. This is ridiculous. If we allow this kind of separation, and if the same thing repeats, then the country would be in very bad situation. For example, Telangana takes Hyderabad completely, and Andhra people formes the capital at Kurnool. After few years, if Rayalaseema people asks for separate state, do coastal area people have to give up capital again? If the same thing happens, and if we form capital at Visakhapatnam, and then if north coastal people demands for a separate state, do South coastal people have to give up the capital again? This is not sustainable. If anybody is asking for a separate state, they have to give up the capital. It should not be made even as Union Territory. The capital should exclusively belong to the people who are not asking for separate state.

Jaya Sankar: To develop the film industry, we gave land, water and current. According to government rules, the land should be used only for the given purpose. But, the andhra people are making it as real estate, and artificially increasing the prices. Because of that, now, we cannot buy any land. They did not encourage the artists of Telangana. Even there also, there is dynasty rule. Don't we have handsome people? Are they heroes, and are we fans? That's why these riots.

Vundavalli: That's why do you stop movie shooting, and destroy everything? There is government in India. Government should take action according to the rules. This is not the reason for riots. This is only an explanation for the riots. The only reason is, they are andhra people. It is absolutely wrong for a political party to support these riots. If we have these many problems even before division, what would be the situation after division?

Does Jaya sankar think that, the producers have so much respect for all the people of andhra, and give chance to only andhra people as the main artists? There is nothing stupid than that. If I am making a movie, without any second thought, I would give main roles to the people I like. Not the favorites of Jaya Sankar or KCR. Most of the time, the people I like would be in my relatives or friends. If I am from andhra, most of my relatives also would be from andhra. If I am from Punjab, then most of my relatives also would be from Punjab. Does he think that, when Allu Aravind is making a movie with a budget of Rs.40 crore, he should give chance to a Telangana person instead of his brother-in-law's son?

Jaya Sankar: This movement is going for the last 10 years. Did we do anything before. Now, only they are doing. Why? Because, they cheated us. If anyone normally comes and stays here, then we welcome them. What we are saying? If you come here for living, we will save you. If you try to rule us, we don't allow you.

Vundavalli: Maoists are extremists. They take lives of people. If you also say that, your philosophy is also same, then there is nothing that I can say. You say democracy, and then you do riots, and then you only say that, you would save us. How is it correct? Who are you to save us? In this country, anyone can go and live anywhere. If you are saying that, you would save in Hyderabad, it means you have created an environment, where one cannot live in Hyderabad. The sentence "We will save you" is itself dangerous. For better administration, we can separate. If you ask andhra people to leave, then obviously, there would be a question of Hyderabad. If you see the history, when andhra was separated from Madras state, people in Madras did not feel insecure. Even now, there are many andhra people in Coimbatore. Till some time back, even the MP there also was of Andhra. When Andhra was separated, there was problem with only language. But, there was no insecure feeling. But, the same thing (security) is not there in Hyderabad. That's why this became the main topic. Otherwise, Hyderabad would have been one of many topics. The real democracy is, in front of crores of Telagana supporters, one person should be able to raise and say that, he would support United Andhra. In the same way, in front of many United Andhra supporters, one person should be able to say, Jai Telangana.

Can anyone say Jai Samaikya Andhra infront of any TRS activist?

Courtesy: Sakshi

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Oye Teluguvada - Samaikya Andhra Advertisement by Lagadapati Rajagopal

Lagadapati Rajagopal made one very good song on United Amdhra. This is one of the best songs that I have heard in the recent time. I hearty congratulate him for making this song.

This song was composed and sung by Dr.Ghazal Srinivas.

Lyrics in English:

Oye teluguvaada
padha adhe veluguvaada
mana kalala pasidi meda
thakdinti naduma goda

Oye teluguvaada
padha adhe veluguvaada
mana kalala pasidi meda
thakdinti naduma goda

annaa kashtalenno orchi orchi gunde mandi kinukarechi
annaa kashtalenno orchi orchi gunde mandi kinukarechi
Satyagrahanam chesi oka thandrini dharaposi
Dayadula vennu vanchi
sontha gadda samarjinchi
Telugu jaathi paruvu penchi
samaikyathani nirvachinchi
Ippudu rashtra patam chinchi chinchi
emunnadi emunnadi emunnadi emunnadi

Oye teluguvaada
padha adhe veluguvaada
mana kalala pasidi meda
thakdinti naduma goda

Oye teluguvaada
padha adhe veluguvaada
mana kalala pasidi meda
thakdinti naduma goda

Ituraa O sodarudaa O naa chelikada
Ituraa O sodarudaa O naa chelikada
Manadhe Ee pedda chettu Ee challani Needa
Manadhe Ee pedda chettu Ee challani Needa
andhra seema telangana okkokkati ooda
Prathi Ooru Prathi palle Telugu chettu kaada
pattichchamanuko ippudu veru baata cheeda
Inkemunnadi emunnadi emunnadi emunnadi

Oye teluguvaada
padha adhe veluguvaada
mana kalala pasidi meda
thakdinti naduma goda

Oye teluguvaada
padha adhe veluguvaada
mana kalala pasidi meda
thakdinti naduma goda

jathi maha yathra ila saage O mayigani
jathi maha yathra ila saage O mayigani
nadumuna mana adugulu tadabadipothe
nadakalalo vadipothe
manaku manaku chedipothe
Gonthula sruthi vidipothe
kalayika sandadipothe
Oka Snehapu mudipothe thadipothe
emunnadi emunnadi emunnadi emunnadi

Oye teluguvaada

Oye teluguvaada
padha adhe veluguvaada
mana kalala pasidi meda
thakdinti naduma goda

Oye teluguvaada
padha adhe veluguvaada
mana kalala pasidi meda
thakdinti naduma goda

Oye teluguvaada
Oye teluguvaada
Oye teluguvaada

thakdinti naduma goda
thakdinti naduma goda
thakdinti naduma goda

Lyrics in Telugu:

ఓయి తెలుగువాడా
పద అదే వెలుగువాడ
మన కలల పసిడి మేడ
తకదింటి నడుమ గోడ

ఓయి తెలుగువాడా
పద అదే వెలుగువాడ
మన కలల పసిడి మేడ
తకదింటి నడుమ గోడ

అన్నా కష్టలెన్నో ఓర్చి ఓర్చి గుండె మండి కినుకరేచి
అన్నా కష్టలెన్నో ఓర్చి ఓర్చి గుండె మండి కినుకరేచి
సత్యగ్రహణం చేసి ఒక తండ్రిని ధారపోసి
దాయాదుల వెన్ను వంచి
సొంత గడ్డ సమర్జించి
తెలుగు జాతి పరువు పెంచి
సమైక్యతని నిర్వచించి
ఇప్పుడు రాష్ట్ర పటం చించి చించి
ఏమున్నది ఏమున్నది ఏమున్నది ఏమున్నది

ఓయి తెలుగువాడా
పద అదే వెలుగువాడ
మన కలల పసిడి మేడ
తకదింటి నడుమ గోడ

ఓయి తెలుగువాడా
పద అదే వెలుగువాడ
మన కలల పసిడి మేడ
తకదింటి నడుమ గోడ

ఇటురా ఓ సోదరుడా ఓ నా చెలికాడా
ఇటురా ఓ సోదరుడా ఓ నా చెలికాడా
మనదే ఈ పెద్ద చెట్టు ఈ చల్లని నీడ
మనదే ఈ పెద్ద చెట్టు ఈ చల్లని నీడ
ఆంధ్ర సీమ తెలంగాణా ఒక్కొక్కటి ఊడ
ప్రతి ఊరు ప్రతి పల్లె తెలుగు చెట్టు కాడ
పట్టిచ్చామనుకో ఇప్పుడు వేరు బాట చీడ
ఇంకేమున్నది ఏమున్నది ఏమున్నది ఏమున్నది

ఓయి తెలుగువాడా
పద అదే వెలుగువాడ
మన కలల పసిడి మేడ
తకదింటి నడుమ గోడ

ఓయి తెలుగువాడా
పద అదే వెలుగువాడ
మన కలల పసిడి మేడ
తకదింటి నడుమ గోడ

జాతి మహా యాత్ర ఇలా సాగే ఓ మాయిగాని
జాతి మహా యాత్ర ఇలా సాగే ఓ మాయిగాని
నడుమున మన అడుగులు తడబడిపోతే
నడకలలో వడిపోతే
మనకు మనకు చెడిపోతే
గొంతుల శ్రుతి విడిపోతే
కలయిక సందడిపోతే
ఒక స్నేహపు ముదిపోతే తడిపోతే
ఏమున్నది ఏమున్నది ఏమున్నది ఏమున్నది

ఓయి తెలుగువాడా

ఓయి తెలుగువాడా
పద అదే వెలుగువాడ
మన కలల పసిడి మేడ
తకదింటి నడుమ గోడ

ఓయి తెలుగువాడా
పద అదే వెలుగువాడ
మన కలల పసిడి మేడ
తకదింటి నడుమ గోడ

ఓయి తెలుగువాడా
ఓయి తెలుగువాడా
ఓయి తెలుగువాడా

తకదింటి నడుమ గోడ
తకదింటి నడుమ గోడ
తకదింటి నడుమ గోడ

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Is there any Advantage of Compulsory Voting?

In A.P., the statistics say that, maximum voting percentage comes from slum areas and villages, and the least voting percentage comes from rich areas and educated people. The middle class is in between. In cities, the voting percentage is always low, and in villages it is always high. For local elections, the voting percentage at villages cross 90%, and in the last GHMC elections, there were many divisions which got less than 30% voting. Even if we go at the polling booth level details, one can easily observe that, within the city, the slum areas have higher polling percentage and high class areas have lower polling percentage. Many people are getting elected, eventhough less than 10% of the total voters are voting for them. If there are 10% educated people in the division/constituency, then they can even make their candidate win in the election.

Even if the educated people do not have good political knowledge, they atleast know at broad level. They can tell which party is sustainable in long term, and which is doing more development compared to others. If all the educated voters vote for the better party, then the better among the bad would be elected instead of the worst among the bad.

Not all politicians are bad. Most of the good politicians are not winning in the elections. Among the people who won in the elections, they don't get ministries. Even if they get it, they get with the condition that they will not have any control on major decisions. If there is only one good politician in the assembly/parliament, he/she cannot do anything. They need support from other MLAs/MPs to do anything major.

If everyone votes for a party, which is better among the others, then the system would be automatically improved. If all educated voters vote, then automatically better party would be elected, and the system would be improved.

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Timeline of Death of Gandhi

The following is taken from The men who killed Gandhi by Manohar Malgonkar. But, Nathuram Gadse did not accept the charges for the incidents on 20th, and few others that were mentioned before 30th. Eventhough the court proceedings may say the following, Nathuram godse gave the actual happenings in his speech in the court. For example, in his explanation at court, he explained how he got revolver, and that is different from what is mentioned below.

12th January 1948

At Birla House, Delhi, Gandhi announces decision to go on fast to press for the payment of Pakistan's share of Rs.55 crores from cash balance in Reserve Bank of India at a time when Pakistan was in war with India over Kashmir.

13th January 1948

Nathuram Gadse and Narayan Apte, editor and manager, Marathi daily, Hindu Rashtra, in Poona, and read the news on teleprinter and decide to kill Gandhi. The 'D-Day' - 20 January - fixed.

Nathuram and Apte meet Digamber Badge, an arms supplier in Poona, to buy grenades and explosives and ask for delivery in Bombay.

14th January 1948

Nathuram and Apte reach Bombay; meet Badge at Hindu Mahasabha Bhawan, Dadar.

Badge meets Madanlal Pahwa, a refugee from Pakistan, at Hindu Mahasabha Bhawan.

15th January 1948

Nathuram and Apte visit Tata Airlines Office, Bombay; book tickets for 17th January for Delhi under false names - D.N.Karmakar and S.Marathe.

Nathuram and Apte meet Vishnu Karkare in Bombay, secretary of Hindu Mahasabha Bhawan, Ahmednagar, tell him about their plan to kill Gandhi. Now Karkare, Madanlal, Badge and his servant Shankar join hands. All decide to reach Delhi by 18th January.

Gandhi's third day of fast; Indian government announces to release Rs55 crores to Pakistan.

16th January 1948

Nathuram manages to buy a .22 bore magazine pistol in Poona; not satisfied, asks Badge to get it exchanged for a big revolver; Badge gets a .32 revolver.

17th January 1948

Madanlal and Karkare reach Delhi; check into Sharif Hotel, Chandini Chowk.

Nathuram and Apte reach Delhi; they check into Hotel Marina (Room No.40), Connaught Price, visit Hindu Mahasabha Bhawan, Mandir Marg, to meet Karkare.

18th January 1948

Gandhi ends fast.

Apte, Nathuram and Karkare visit Birla House to see layout plan of the lawn and Servant's Quarters; attend Gandhi's prayer meeting; finalize plan of action.

19th January 1948

Gopal Godse, brother of Nathuram, arrives in Delhi from Poona with another .38 revolver; yet to decide about the weapon.

Badge and Shankar arrive Delhi with explosives.

20th January 1948

Apte takes Badge and Shankar to Birla House to show Room No.3, Servant's Quarters. Badge to shoot Gandhi from window of this room, Madanlal to light a bomb, Shankar to throw grenades. Deicde to use .38 revolver.

Birla House: 4 p.m., Nathuram, Apte, Madanlal, Karkare, Gopal, Badge and Shankar reach Birla House; Madanlal places the bomb; Badge sees a one-eyed man outside Room No.3, a bad omen, decides to abandon his plan to shoot.

Birla House: 5 p.m., Prayer meeting starts; Madanlal gets the signal from Apte; lights the bomb; Badge doesn't shoot Gandhi; Madanlal arrested by Delhi Police.

Apte and Nathuram check out of Hotel Marina; to not leave behind any trail, board a train for Kanpur.

21st January 1948

Gopal Godse leaves Delhi.

22nd January 1948

Karkare arranges for a lawyer for Madanlal in Delhi, leaves for Bombay.

23rd January 1948

Nathuram and Apte reach Bombay from Kanpur, via Jhansi.

24th January 1948

Nathuram and Apte check into Hotel Elphiston Annexe, Bombay; make a new plan; Nathuram decides to shoot Gandhi without anyone's help.

27th January 1948

Bombay: Nathuram and Apte take a flight to Delhi, under false names - D.Narain Rao and N.Vinayak Rao; Karkare decides to be with Nathuram and Apte in Delhi.

From Delhi, Nathuram and Apte catch the Delhi-Bombay Express for Gwalior and meet Sadashiv Parchure, secretary of the Hindu Mahasabha, for a good dependable weapon.

28th January 1948

Parchure helps them get the weapon, the 9 mm Beretta.

29th January 1948

Nathuram and Apte return to Delhi; book a retiring-room at Old Delhi railway station.

30th January 1948

Nathuram, Apte and karkare go to the woods behind the Birla Temple, Mandir Marg for target practice.

4.15 p.m.: Nathuram leaves for Birla House; Karkare and Apte leave minutes later.

Birla House: At 5.10 p.m. Gandhi leaves room; walking briskly he reaches the prayer ground.

Gandhi greets crowd; Nathuram folds his hands and says 'Namaste'; pushing aside one of the girls walking with Gandhi, he shoots the Mahatma; surrenders to the police; taken to Tughlak Road Police Station.

31st January 1948

Badge arrested in Poona, becomes approver.

2nd February 1948

Apte and Karkare reach Bombay; stay at Sea Green Hotel (North).

5th February 1948

Gopal Godse arrested in Poona.

13th February 1948

Apte and Karkare arrested from Pyrke's Apollo Hotel, Bombay.

22nd June 1948

The trial commences in a Special Court at Red Fort, before Judge Atma Charan.

6th November 1948

Examination of the witnesses and recording of their evidence conclude.

10th February 1949

Court Pronounces its judgement: death sentence for Nathuram and Apte; life imprisonment for Karkare, Madanlal, Gopal, Shankar and Parchure; and pardon for Badge, the approver.

2nd May 1949

The hearing begins in the appeal court of Justice G.D.Khosla, Justice Acchruram, and Justice Bhandari.

21st June 1949

Appeal court confirms the judgement.

15th November 1949

Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte hanged till dead in Ambala prison.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bad Cartoon of the Year

This is today's cartoon in Eenadu

Narendra Modi is holding "Compulsory voting in Gujarath".

Others are saying,
"Bring Compulsory Food Act".
"Bring Compulsory Education Act".
"Bring Compulsory Water Act".
"Bring Compulsory Health Act".

They are missing the point that, unless they elect a good leader, they are not going to get Food, Education, Water and Health. Even if government brings those acts (it already has most of them), there will not be any change, if there are corrupted leaders. It is very sad to see Eenadu criticizing this act instead of promoting it. I would not have cared if Sakshi or some other news paper does the same.

I would like to thank Narendra Modi for bringing this act.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Some Contradictory Statements

Krishna and Guntur districts have the highest literacy rate, and has the highest pass percentage in the entire Andhra. Mahaboobnagar has the lowest literacy rate, and has the lowest pass percentage in the entire Andhra. That itself tells how backward Telangana is. So, we need separate state for Telangana.

Fine. We will send 1000 quality teachers from Krishna and Guntur districts to Mahaboobnagar. They will improve the education there.

No way. For any job in Mahaboobnagar, we need to recruit from Mahaboobnagar only. We cannot give our employment to Andhra people. These andhra people are already dominating in Telangana. Nobody is interested in implementing 610 G.O. We cannot give any more chance to them. Get lost.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finding Whether Somebody is in Invisible in Yahoo or Not

There is a website, which tells the status of any yahoo id. The interesting thing is, even if the user logs in as invisible, it tells the status as Invisible. I don't know why yahoo has not fixed this bug till now. If yahoo thinks it as a feature, then they should rename the status message to something else.

Thanks to Niveditha Samudrala for informing this.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Analogy Between My Previous Project and Telangana

My Previous ProjectTelangana
My manager asked me to use a new technology in the project.KCR wanted to have a separate State for Telangana.
I knew that it is not good for the project to use that technology. Chandrababu knew that, it is not good to separate Telangana.
I told the same in nice words to continue with the present way. Chandrababu told the same in nice words to continue with the present way.
The manager did not listen to those, and insisted to use the new technology. KCR did not listen to those, and insisted to have a separate state.
If I have to convince on that, I need to spend a lot of time and effort, and I know I can disprove all the uses that were claimed by the manager. To save myself, I did not argue for this. KCR joined with Congress. Congress is also not interested in Telangana. But, to convince general public, it takes lot of time and effort. To save themselves, Congress did not argue for this.
If I use the new technology, project will have serious problems. So, I just dragged it without doing anything on that front. If Congress gives the separate state, it will have serious problems. So, Congress dragged it without doing anything on that front.
The manager was keep on saying to use new technology, and I was keep on dragging it. KCR was keep on saying to have Telangana, and Congress was keep on dragging it.
The manager scheduled a meeting for this, and talked in such a way that, team members felt, it is better to keep quiet rather than arguing. They thought, when there is a firm decision on this, then they would talk. No need of wasting everyone's time at this point of time. But, the conclusion that manager got was nobody is opposing to that. There were many committees scheduled for this, and everybody kept quiet. They thought, when there is a firm decision on this, then they would talk. No need of wasting everyone's time at this point of time. But, the conclusion that everyone got was nobody is opposing to that.
Another manager said, take some decision soon. Don't drag these things. Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan and CPM said, take some decision soon. Don't drag these things.
I told them that, I would take a decision soon, but did not proceed on this, because I knew that, people are not in a state to understand what am I saying. Congress told them that, they would take a decision soon, but did not proceed on this, because they knew that, people are not in a state to understand what they are saying.
That idea had natural death because of zero co-operation from everybody else.People expected to have natural death because of zero co-operation from everybody else.
Had the manager took decision to go with the new technology, everybody would have opposed to that.Congress took decision to introduce the bill for Telangana, and everybody started opposing to that.
The manager would have asked, why did not we tell the same before when we had conducted meetings, and we would not have answer. Telangana supporters are asking those who are opposing, Why did not they tell this before, when there were committees, and they don't have answer.
In another project, when the management was thinking in wrong direction, I told the director that, if they want to continue in that wrong direction, move me to some other project, eventhough I was the senior most member in the team, and moving me out of the project will have significant impact on the project. Still, I told like that to take the correct decisions for the project. Me Moving out of the project will have less negative impact than the project going in wrong direction. Many members of Assembly, Council and Parliament resigned for this, eventhough it means collapse of the government. They had taken that decision for the state. Members resigning from the government has less negative impact than forming the state without clearing all the problems.

Congress is exactly doing what I did on one of my previous projects long time back. I cannot oppose Congress atleast in Telangana issue, unless they give Telangana without solving the problems.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bad Day for Andhra Pradesh

Dec 9th is a bad day for Andhra Pradesh. Congress decided to start the process for separate Telangana. As a first step, they are going to put the bill in Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

Eventhough I don't like Congress Party, but when Congress won in the state and Center, I was little happy. Because, Congress is the only party which clearly said, they will not give Telangana. Loksatta said, it does not matter, and all other parties said, they would give. Since, Congress supported United Andhra, and it won both at the center and state, I was happy that, we will not get Telangana. But, in just 7 months, they started the process for Telangana. Of course, just passing bill in A.P.Assembly is not enough for the separate state. It has to be passed in both the houses of Parliament. I don't know what the Congress leaders are going to do for this. If Congress leaders give separate state in the next 4.5 years, I would lose even the minimum respect that I have till now for them.

If they are going to give separate state, they have to tell the solutions for the following problems clearly. If they don't mention clear answers for any of the following, then Andhra and Telangana would be like India and Pakistan. There is no doubt about it.

  1. What would be the capital of Andhra State?

    • Do both share the same capital? If both share the same capital, does it mean Hyderabad becomes Union Territory? Then, In what proportion, the revenue of Hyderabad is distributed to Andhra, Telangana and Hyderabad?

    • If Andhra has to get separate capital, then Andhra has to find a new capital and it would take quite some time. It requires tens of thousands of crores. Who would give that money? Would Telangana state give that money? Till the capital is formed, what would be the interim capital of Andhra? If Hyderabad is the interim capital of Andhra, then how would the revenue share work till Andhra gets a separate capital?

  2. How would the revenue and debts of the state are distributed? While distributing the debts, is the purpose of debts considered or not? i.e, if a loan is taken for the development of a region, would the corresponding state clear that loan, or all the loans are distributed in proportion to the population/area of the state?

  3. This question will not be applicable, if Hyderabad is made as union territory. Two leaders of non-Telangana developed Hyderabad significantly in the last 15 years, and it is a major source of revenue for United Andhra. Now, if Telangana takes Hyderabad, what happens to Andhra? If you develop something for 15 years, and then if you had to give that to somebody else, how would you feel? Won't the people of Andhra feel the same? If everyone is angry for losing their property, would they keep quiet?

  4. Before splitting the state, the water distribution should be decided for Krishna and Godavari. If they don't do it, then there will be fighting for this for the next 3-4 decades for this.

  5. What happens to Government Organizations? How are they going to split? If they are not going to split, then which state will manage those? If it is done by both states, then who would have the control for the selection of Chairman, MD and GM of those organizations? What happens to the employees of those organizations?

  6. What happens to the educational Institutes? Would they split boards for 10th and Intermediate? Would they consider the impact on the students while splitting? If they don't split, how would two governments manage one board?

  7. What would be the effect on Engineering and Medical Colleges due to this? Universities like JNTU have colleges across the state. Now, if there is split, then what happens to those colleges? To which university, would they be affiliated? If there is a change in the university, Won't it impact the students?

I don't have problem with separate state, as long as all the problems are solved, and people of Andhra are not effected due to the split.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Free Market Capitalism vs. Socialism: A Simple Analogy

An economics professor at Texas Tech said he had never failed a single student before but had, once, failed an entire class. That class had insisted that socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer. The professor then said ok, we will have an experiment in this class on socialism.

All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A. After the first test the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. But, as the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too; so they studied little. The second test average was a D! No one was happy. When the 3rd test rolled around the average was an F.

The scores never increased as bickering, blame, and name calling all resulted in hard feelings as no one would study any longer for the benefit of anyone else. All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because under capitalism when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great; but when the government levels the playing field and takes more of reward away; no one will try or want to succeed as much as before.


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Adding New Search Engines Missing in Firefox 3.5

Till Firefox 3.0, it was very easy to add a new search engine. One just needs to click on Manage Search Engines, and then click on Get More Search Engines. It would display around 30 search engines, and we need to select one and it would be added.

Starting from Firefox 3.5, they made it complicated. If you select that option, you would get hundreds of options, and it becomes very difficult to find the correct one.

I wanted to add dictionary search engine, and I have done the following for this.

Installed Add to Search Bar.

Opened the website,

Righ clicked on the search box, and selected Add to Search Bar.

It got added, and I can search in dictionary from firefox search.

We can do the same for any other website/search engine.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dr.Daggubati Venkateswara Rao - August 24th, 1995

This is the excerpt from the book The Other Side of Truth by Dr.Daggubati Venkateswara Rao.

The moment I arrived at the airport around 40 MLAs surrounded me. All of them uttered the same thing...that I should go to the Hotel Viceroy. I did not reply them, but reached my house 'en route' to Mr.Rama Rao's. When I reached home, I saw Mr.Chandrababu Naidu already sitting in the hall...I was told that Mr.Harikrishna and Mr.Balakrishna too came to my house an hour ago.

Some more MLAs along with the Principal Secretary, Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan, Mr.Chalameswara Rao [Now the Chief Justice of Assam], Mr.Ramesh [Vijaya Electricals], Mr.Durgaprasad [IG, Intelligence] and the party secretary, Mr.Bhujanga Rao were also there. As soon as I came home, Mr.Chandrababu Naidu and I were closeted in a room in the upstairs without the presence of anybody. Mr.Chandrababu Naidu narrated what all had happened and requested me to come to Hotel Viceroy.

He expressed his desire to enjoy in dual posts...both as the Chief Minister and the party President. He also suggested that I should be the Deputy Chief Minister and Mr.Harikrishna, the General Secretary of the party. After the discussion, we came out of the room. Mr.Chalameswara Rao, Mr.Ramesh and Mr.Harikrishna together wanted to know the salient features of our discussion. I revealed them everything in detail...Immediately Mr.Harikrishna expressed his desire to become a minister for which I replied that he could be the Deputy Chief Minister, as I was not interested in joining the ministry. I also requested them not to reveal anything to Mr.Chandrababu Naidu, who went downstairs then...We too all came down.

At that point of time...Mrs.Purandeswari was at the dining table. Seated along with her were Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan, Mr.Durgaprasad and Mr.Bhujanga Rao besides Mr.Jayasankara Krishna [the last son of Mr.Rama Rao]. All of them were unanimous in requesting me against going to the Hotel Viceroy.

Mrs.Purandeswari having been pained...was very much in tears...! She requested me not to be against her father. Mr.Jayasankara Krishna abused and cursed me...Unmindful of those unfortunate and unpleasant happenings, I left for the Hotel Viceroy...But, now I feel and repent...that was the most unpardonable...the greatest and the biggest sin...I have ever committed so far in my life.

Meanwhile, Mr.Chandrababu Naidu with his expertise art of concoction was busy spreading 'Gobble's propaganda' that my wife had been encouraging me since that day. But as I narrated earlier, the truth was Mrs.Purandeswari requested me over and again not to do injustice to her father...the eyewitnesses to that incident were: Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan, Mr.Durgaprasad and Mr.Jayasankara Krishna, who were present there along with Mr.Bhujanga Rao [no more now]. As soon as I left for the Hotel Viceroy, Mrs.Purandeswari left for Mr.Rama Rao's house, which was near by. The next day also...she spent most of her time with her father...What more evidence was required to prove that she did not take sides and encourage me?

Particularly on that day...Mr.Rama Rao seemed to have narrated Mrs.Purandeswari painfully and with deeply agonised heart: "It's okay...Mr.Chandrababu Naidu and Mr.Venkateswara Rao who have been locking horns against each other, joined together at least to usurp this old man out of power. Your husband is very emotional and innocent...He'll be made to believe now but finally they'll make him a scape-goat...Let the party be entrusted with Mr.Harikrishna...then only, Mr.Chandrababu Naidu's true colours could be seen."