Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is there any Advantage of Compulsory Voting?

In A.P., the statistics say that, maximum voting percentage comes from slum areas and villages, and the least voting percentage comes from rich areas and educated people. The middle class is in between. In cities, the voting percentage is always low, and in villages it is always high. For local elections, the voting percentage at villages cross 90%, and in the last GHMC elections, there were many divisions which got less than 30% voting. Even if we go at the polling booth level details, one can easily observe that, within the city, the slum areas have higher polling percentage and high class areas have lower polling percentage. Many people are getting elected, eventhough less than 10% of the total voters are voting for them. If there are 10% educated people in the division/constituency, then they can even make their candidate win in the election.

Even if the educated people do not have good political knowledge, they atleast know at broad level. They can tell which party is sustainable in long term, and which is doing more development compared to others. If all the educated voters vote for the better party, then the better among the bad would be elected instead of the worst among the bad.

Not all politicians are bad. Most of the good politicians are not winning in the elections. Among the people who won in the elections, they don't get ministries. Even if they get it, they get with the condition that they will not have any control on major decisions. If there is only one good politician in the assembly/parliament, he/she cannot do anything. They need support from other MLAs/MPs to do anything major.

If everyone votes for a party, which is better among the others, then the system would be automatically improved. If all educated voters vote, then automatically better party would be elected, and the system would be improved.

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  1. it is really an eye-opener to the so-called people who say they are not intrested in voting and elections .

    Hates of to you sir.