Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mistakes Vs Corruption of Officials

In the name of anti-corruption, many times, people and media are doing over enthusiastic things which would halt the development.

Few years back, when a new organization was formed, the government has taken 10% share in that organization. After some time, the organization decided to increase their base fund, and asked all the partners to invest more money. The directors (IAS officers) from the government felt that, there was no point in investing more money in that organization, and did not invest more government money. After few years, the organization started making huge profits. Now, the media started blaming the directors that, they are corrupted, and that's why, they did not try to maintain the share of the government. Had the directors maintained the government share and if the company had made losses, the same media again would have said, they are corrupted, and that's why, they invested more money in the organization which is making losses.

How many people in the world can actually predict the growth of an organization? If they can predict it correctly, they would be one of the richest people of the world. Everyone goes with some assumptions with whatever knowledge they have, and people cannot predict always. If the media or other so-called social workers start blaming the government officials for the things which are not in their control, then no official would try to take any decision, and the entire development would halt.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Corruption - Incentive Vs Bribe

You wanted a birth certificate and went to the concerned office. The officer said, if you give money, you would get it immediately. If you don't give money, you would get it after one month. Is this corruption?

Same scenario. Instead of one month, it takes two months. Is that corruption?

According to the rules of the government, there is a time limit for each application. For most of the applications, including RTI, the time limit is one month. If he is giving you what you wanted within the specified time, then that cannot be considered as corruption. If he is giving an option of getting it sooner, it should be considered as incentive to him.

Let's suppose, if the application has to be processed within a month and the concerned officer is taking two months, and is asking for money to give it sooner, then can we consider it as bribe? Let's suppose, if the office does not have enough staff to process all the applications, and because of that, if they are going to take two months, how can the concerned officer is responsible for the delay, when he does not have any control in recruiting staff.

If according to the government rules, and the staff that the office has, if they are going to do their best and process all the applications on time, then why should they be charged with corruption?

If the employee is going to work after the office hours and process few extra applications, and in turn take some money from the applicants, it cannot be called as bribe. It is just an incentive to the employee.

If you are an employee of any organization, and if somebody (other than your manager or anybody in the hierarchy) asks you to work (under the terms of the company) on a sunday and offers some incentive, would you say NO?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ekalavya - Arjuna - Drona - Bheeshma

Eventhough Arjuna and Dronacharya are famous for many things, many people have bad opinion on them for their behavior towards Ekalavya.

Dronacharya promised Arjuna that he would make him as the best archer in the world. Once Ekalavya came to Dronacharya and expressed his interest in learning archery. Drona rejected Ekalavya to teach archery, since he was not a Kshatriya.

Later on, Ekalavya made a deity of Drona, and worshiped him. He practiced archery assuming Drona as his guru and learned many things in archery.

Once Pandavas visited forest. During that time, one dog disturbed Ekalavya a lot by barking repeatedly. Then, Ekalavya used seven arrows in the dog's mouth in such a way that, it does not die and it cannot bark. It went to the Pandava's camp. After seeing this and the way it is used, they wondered who had the capacity of using this. Then, they came to know about Ekalavya. They reported this to Drona, and Drona asked Ekalavya his thumb, so that he cannot practice archery anymore.

This caused many people to have bad opinion on Arjuna and Drona.

Dharma is very complicated, especially in the areas like this. To understand this, one must completely forget our present caste system, and understand the real varnasrama dharma according to the scriptures.

Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vysya and Sudra are according to the nature and the type of the activities performed by one. They are never based on one's birth. If the father is a brahmin, then son won't become a Brahmin automatically. For example, Drona is a Brahmin, but, his son Aswathama is not a Brahmin.

Kshatriyas are supposed to learn warfare to protect people and to rule the kingdom. They are not supposed to use for any other purpose. Whereas, Ekalavya used archery on dogs to show his skill, which was a complete misuse of archery. If he had continued to misuse archery, then, many people would have suffered because of that. To stop the misuse, Drona took his thumb.

Even if he was a proper Kshatriya and learned archery, how can one say that, he is going to beat Arjuna just by showing few skills in archery. The skills that one shows in any show, can be done by any advanced archer. One does not need to be at the level of Arjuna to show those.

Eventhough skill is an important part of the archery, but, in the entire Mahabharath, the weapons that one possessed played major role than the skill. The only reason why Krishna worried about Karna was the powerful weapons that Karna possessed, mainly Shakthi given by Indra and Nagasthram. In both the cases, Krishna directly/indirectly saved Arjuna. Without those weapons, Karna lost even to Bheema many times. Bheema did not kill Karna, because, Arjuna had taken vow to kill Karna.

If Arjuna wanted, he could have used Pasupathastram or any other powerful astras that he had and killed the entire kaurava army in one minute. But, those powerful astras are not supposed to use that way, and he did not use those. [He used Pasupathastram for one specific purpose (to kill Saindhava), and withdrew it immediately after killing him.]

Another thing is, Arjuna is a savyasachi, i.e., he can use both the hands in archery. Even if Arjuna gives his right thumb, still, he can use his left hand and compete with anybody.

Ekalavya does not have any powerful weapons. He knows only sastras and not Astras. In any war, he cannot compete with anyone who has a powerful weapon. Also, Drona had minimum role in the Astras secured by Arjuna. Arjuna got many of his Astras, after he finished his education at Drona.

If one is given boons which they are not qualified to receive, then they may misuse it. Whenever Vishnu kills any demon, first thing that he says to Brahma is, do not give this type of boons to anyone. In the same way, if Ekalavya is left like that, he may create more havoc. So, to stop that, Drona took his thumb.

There is no question of Arjuna feeling jealous about Ekalavya. In fact, Arjuna was never a best archer in the world at that time. Drona could not make him as the greatest archer. Apart from Krishna, Bheeshma is the one who is a better archer than Arjuna. Arjuna could defeat everyone else at some time or other, but, he could never defeat Bheeshma. During the war, Pandavas had to beg him to leave his Bow and Arrows, so that, they could win against him. Except that incident, Bheeshma never lost in any war.

After Bheeshma left this world, probably, one can claim that, Arjuna is the greatest archer in the world after Krishna.

If we include all the warriors and not just archery, then Bheema is no less warrior than Arjuna. He is the one who killed maximum people in the war. He alone killed all the 100 sons of Dhritarashtra. He got multiple chances to kill even Karna. But, he did not kill him, because he wanted Arjuna to kill him.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sisupala's Criticisms on Krishna

Is Krishna older than his own father Vasudeva?

Is Krishna a better hero than Bheeshma?

Is Krishna a bigger sage than Veda Vyasa?

Is Krishna a better guru than Dronacharya or Krupacharya?

Is Krishna better than all the Kings here?

Is Krishna a better archer than Karna?

Is Krishna a closer relative to you than your father-in-law, Drupada?

Is Krishna your favorite who has to be pacified at any cost?

For those who do not know the answer for the above, it is resounding YES for all the questions.

Few people try to compare bad people as they were Hiranyakasipa, Ravana, Kumbakarna and Sisupala etc., in their previous birth. This is nothing but praising them like anything. Because, Jaya and Vijaya who were the gatekeepers of Vaikunta, have born as these demons because of a curse. Criticizing someone like Ravana or Kumbakarna etc. is nothing but, praising them as the great devotees of Narayana.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Quote of the Day - Voting for My Caste Leader

How will I get an advantage, if my caste leader gets elected to an important position (MLA/MP/CM/PM/President)? If I really get an advantage, it means, I was at disadvantage till now, and after 5 years, I will be at disadvantage for the whole life.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Discouraging MBA

Whenever anyone says that, he/she is planning to do MBA, the first thing that I do is, to discourage them in all the possible ways. Depending on their interest in terms of higher education/money/management, I suggest M.S./M.Tech, or to join a startup, or to start their own company etc. As much as possible, I try to prove that, they are going to waste two years of their time by doing MBA. But, once, I failed miserably.

She does not like software and wants huge salary.