Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You studied Hindi. Still you do not know Hindi?

You studied Hindi. Still, you do not know Hindi?

This is a question which is asked by many people.

I have a few questions for them.

How many engineers can explain limit, which they have studied in 9th class Mathematics?

How many CSE or IT engineers can write a program which is a little variant of the program that they had done in their first year?

How many electrical or electronic engineers can explain what is current or potential difference in such a way that, I can understand, which is there in 9th class Science?

How many people can tell the duties and responsibilities of MLAs or MPs, which they have studied till 10th in Social Studies?

How many people can tell why the word Satish is split as Sati + ish and not Sat + ish, which is there in 7th class Telugu (and also in most of the indian languages)?

I can bet, at least 50% cannot answer.

Except writing programs, I finished my engineering without knowing anything else. I learned few later on.

I am a below average student. Don't expect me to know everything that I had studied.

If you still want to criticize, go and criticize all the educational institutes that have given certificates to me.