Saturday, March 31, 2012

International Trading in BRICS Countries Without Dollar

BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have decided to trade among these countries in Local currency and not by Dollar.

This is a major milestone in the international trading. If you want to understand the impact of this, or the problems with dollar, read Global Imbalance - An Imminent Dollar Crisis

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Difference Between Incentive and Bribe


You offering Rs.1 crore to Sachin, if he makes a century.


Sachin offering Rs.1 crore to the bowler, if he makes a century.

Courtesy: dkarthik on Twitter

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Telangana - Why Nobody Introduces Private Bill?

Many leaders (MLA/MPs) of Telangana are saying that, the government should form separate Telangana state. They are saying, they are trying their best to get separate state as soon as possible. Few leaders go to the extent of saying, they are doing everything democratically. They also ask to put the bill in the house.

I would consider a person is sincere in his/her efforts, only if he/she is going to do everything possible within their powers and then go and ask others to support their cause. If someone is not doing their duty, and ask others to do it, it means, they are not sincere and they are doing everything for the publicity sake.

The people who say, "democracy", should understand that, to form Telangana state, the parliament has to pass the bill for separate state. As a protocol, the parliament expects the bill to be passed in the parent state before partitioning the state.

Even a single MLA/MP can give notice to the speaker to introduce any bill. But, it may not be honored. But, if 10% of the MLA/MPs give notice to the speaker, the bill has to be introduced in the house. Then, the members of the house will have to take the decision on the bill.

Why cannot the supporters of Telangana introduce a private bill? Are they not getting even 10% of the supporters of the bill? In A.P. Assembly, 10% of the members is 30 MLAs. In Telangana, there are 119 MLAs. Even if exclude Hyderabad, it has 95 MLAs. Out of those 95 MLAs, even if 30 MLAs are not ready to sign on a private bill, how can they bring Telangana state, which requires support of 147 MLAs?

To introduce a private bill, there are no restrictions. Any MLA can introduce without losing their seat. But, if the bill is introduced, and the party issues a whip, then they have to vote according to the whip. Otherwise, they will lose their MLA seat. When the MLAs are not signing on a bill, by which they do not lose their MLA seat, would they take risk of losing MLA seat by not following the whip?

If they do not even have support of 30 MLAs, which is close to 1/4th of Telangana MLAs, then they do not have any right to talk about Democracy.

Lagadapati Rajagopal is in 5th place in the present Lok Sabha in introducing maximum no.of private bills.

KCR is in the 2nd place and Vijaya Santhi is in 4th place in the MPs who have least attendance in the Parliament. Unfortunately, A.Raja has been in jail for a long time and has taken the first position in this. Otherwise, KCR would have beaten him very easily. KCR had to attend parliament once in a while, because, if he is absent for a long, then he would lose his MP seat.

If anyone suicides in the name of Telangana, except few top leaders of the Telangana movement, nobody gains anything. It is not going to change anything by anyway. It is only loss to them and their family.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I did not do anything

I did not do anything. But, it is working/done.

There are few people who say like this regularly. Many managers feel like, "They spent 5 days to write 10 lines of code." or "They just reused the code. That's why, it took less time".

The efficient solution always take some significant time. When it is implemented, it looks like, it should have been done in 5 mins and not in 5 days.

In most of the good implementations, the time one spends for design/study/discussions/thinking etc., is much more than the time they spend for coding. Thinking of an efficient solution for 2 days and implementing it in 2 hours is common for very good developers.

Reusing is not as simple as one thinks. It would take some significant effort to understand the existing system, and how it can be used for our needs. That study takes more time. Once that is done, it looks like the developer has not done anything, whereas it was not the case.

I am always happy to work with people, who regularly say, "I have not done anything. But, it is working". Whenever say this, I understand it as, they are providing the efficient solution.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taxation on Investments in Companies

Government has changed policies on investments in companies. If anyone is going to invest in a company, and if they pay more price than the fair market price for the shares, then the excess amount is taxed at 30%.

A person starts a company with Rs.1 crore (With 10 lakh shares, with face value of Rs.10 per each share). After one year, when the company has not yet made any significant progress, he sells 1 lakh of his shares for Rs.10 crore. Overnight, his wealth increases by Rs.9 crore. By the existing rules, the company does not pay any tax on that. Government is planning to impose the tax on the excess amount to the fair market price.

But, why would anyone pay more than the fair market price? Why would anybody buy for Rs.10 crore, when it's actual worth is only Rs.10 lakh?

They would buy, if that person's father is a Chief Minister, and they can get enough favors for that. This is the exact same charge on Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy, S/O Y.S.Raja Sekhara Reddy, Ex-C.M. of Andhra Pradesh.

Pranab Mukherjee and other politicians may say, it is a very good policy to reduce black money. But, this is a worst policy for Indian business.

For public companies, the fair market price is same as the stock price for the company. For private companies?

The assessing officer of the government decides the fair market price in this case, and there is no need to explain the problems and the corruption that happens because of that. For land in any developed city/town in India, there is a huge variation between the government price and market price. When there is huge difference in the value calculation even in the physical assets, what about the value calculation of an idea, prototype, software product, patent, or any other intellectual property?

To stop handful people like Y.S.Jagan, Indian government is destroying the entire entrepreneurship.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why is Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan Not Using Twitter Effectively?

Many people are asking, why is Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan not using twitter effectively?

Whenever Dr.JP would like to say anything, he tells everything in detail with all the possible solutions. He won't give just one line statement. Whatever he says, it is posted in and in English and Telugu. Most of his speeches are available at One can subscribe to those by email or feed. One can get alerts on Twitter @Loksatta_Party, on Facebook (loksattanews), and on Google Plus. If they want more detailed description on different issues, one can read the publications in and

Whenever somebody raises any problem, Dr.JP gives detailed analysis, and the best solution with reasoning. Even in the assembly, when the speaker asks him to conclude, still he takes 10 more mins. How can such a person tell his opinion in 140 characters? If he just tells his decision in one sentence, then there will be many follow up questions in 140 characters like why, how, what etc. For those questions, it may not be possible to answer in 140 characters.

For each and every problem, when he is giving full explanation and is making it available by many different ways, what are they expecting in twitter? Are they expecting copy and paste his writing on twitter by splitting the speech into sets of 140 characters? By the way most of his sentences have more than 140 characters.

Many people are taking the example of celebrities like Kiran Bedi etc. For their information, if they want information on Lokpal or Corruption, Dr.JP can readily provide 140 pages. But, if you ask in 140 characters, it is difficult for him.

Media is expert in taking sentences out of context and making it a controversial issue. If Dr.JP uses twitter and types one sentence in each tweet, it is like, giving a coconut to a monkey.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Typical Middle Class Family

Mother thinks that, her son takes care of only his wife and she takes all the decisions.

Wife thinks that, her husband takes care of only his mother and she takes all the decisions.

Son/Husband thinks that, he takes care of both his mother and wife equally, and he only takes all the decisions.

God only knows who is correct.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Killing the Skill/Attitude of the Person Whom One Love

There was one King who had a great poet in his court. Once the king asked whether the poet can write something praising him. The king says, if the poet writes very well, then he would give 1 lakh for each character in the entire writing. The poet writes extra ordinarily praising the King. After hearing that, instead of giving the money to the poet, he cuts the fingers of the poet, so that, he won't write that great poems on anyone again.

When I heard this, I felt that King is very bad, and there won't be anyone who are so bad.

There are few people who fall in love with a girl, because of some special skill that the girl possess, or by the good behavior/attitude of that girl. They may persuade that girl to marry, and after the marriage, they would ask the wife to stop using the essentially the same skill, by which they fell in the love in the first place. If they had fallen in love by her talk or her helping nature etc., then the husbands may put many restrictions on the same.

Probably, except in the difference of the physical violence, essentially, there is no difference between that king and this kind of husbands. It is also possible that, there is no physical violence now, because of legal problems.

Many times, I feel that, before pointing the fingers to some bad person, if we try to analyze our situation, we also may have the same kind of issues, may be in mini scale.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Aadadhe Adharam Song From Srimathi Oka Bahumathi

Aadadhe Adharam Mana Katha Aadane Aarambam song from Srimathi Oka Bahumathi is one of my favorite songs from the Lyrics point of view. Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry has written extra ordinarily explaining the role of women in our life.


ఆడదే ఆధారం మన కథ ఆడనె ఆరంభం
ఆడదే సంతోషం మనిషికి ఆడదె సంతాపం
ఆడదే ఆధారం మన కథ ఆడనె ఆరంభం
ఆడదే సంతోషం మనిషికి ఆడదె సంతాపం


కోతిమంద చేత సేతువే నిర్మింపచేసింది ఆడదిరా
నాడు తాళికోసం యముడి కాలపాశంతోనే పోరింది ఆడదిరా
ఖడ్గ తిక్కన కత్తి తుప్పు పట్టకుండ ఆపింది ఆడదిరా
అల్ల బాలచంద్రుడి చండ్రభాను తేజము వెనుక వెలిగింది ఆడదిరా
వేమన వేదానికి నాదం ఒక ఆడదిరా
వేమన వేదానికి నాదం ఒక ఆడదిరా
ఇతగాన్ని నడుపుతుంది అటువంటి ఆడదిరా

ఆడదే ఆధారం మన కథ ఆడనె ఆరంభం
ఆడదే సంతోషం మనిషికి ఆడదె సంతాపం
ఆడదే ఆధారం మన కథ ఆడనె ఆరంభం
ఆడదే సంతోషం మనిషికి ఆడదె సంతాపం


దశరధున్ని నాడు దిక్కులేని దశకు తెచ్చింది ఆడదిరా
అయ్యో భీష్ముడంతటివాణ్ణి అంపశయ్యను పెట్టి చంపింది ఆడదిరా
అందాల అగ్గిలో విశ్వామిత్రుడి నిష్ఠ చెరిపింది ఆడదిరా
అహ పల్నాడు నేలంతా పచ్చినెత్తుట్లోన తడిపింది ఆడదిరా
కోడల్ని తగలపెట్టే అత్త కూడా ఆడదిరా
కోడల్ని తగలపెట్టే అత్త కూడా ఆడదిరా
ఈ మగవాన్ని నేడు చెరిచింది ఆడదిరా

ఆడదే ఆధారం మన కథ ఆడనె ఆరంభం
ఆడదే సంతోషం మనిషికి ఆడదె సంతాపం
ఆడదే ఆధారం మన కథ ఆడనె ఆరంభం
ఆడదే సంతోషం మనిషికి ఆడదె సంతాపం


పంచపాండవులకు కీర్తి కిరీటలు పెట్టింది ఆడదిరా
అయ్యో ఇంద్రుడు చంద్రుడు అపకీర్తి పాలైన కారణం ఆడదిరా
పోత పోసిన పున్నమంటి తాజ్‌మహలు పునాది ఆడదిరా
అయ్యో మేటి సామ్రాజ్యాల కోటలెన్నో కూలగొట్టింది ఆడదిరా
మంచికైనా చెడుకైనా మూలం ఒక ఆడదిరా
మంచికైనా చెడుకైనా మూలం ఒక ఆడదిరా
చరిత్రలో ప్రతి పుట ఆమె కథే పాడునురా

ఆడదే ఆధారం మన కథ ఆడనె ఆరంభం
ఆడదే సంతోషం మనిషికి ఆడదె సంతాపం
ఆడదే ఆధారం మన కథ ఆడనె ఆరంభం
ఆడదే సంతోషం మనిషికి ఆడదె సంతాపం

Crude Translation (Only for those who cannot understand Telugu even little bit)

Woman is the root cause and our story starts from there
Women is the cause of the happiness and she is the cause of our sorrows

The one, who was behind building a bridge by monkeys, was a woman
The one, who fought with Yama for Mangalasutra, was a woman
The one, who stopped the sword of Kadga Thikkana from rusting, was a woman
The one, who was behind the glory of Balachandra, was a woman
The one, who was the sound of the Vemana's writing, was a woman
The one, who is behind the success of this person, is a woman

The one, who made Dasaratha to lose everyone, was a woman
The one, who killed Bheeshma on the bed of arrows, was a woman
The one, who destroyed the penance of Viswamithra by the beauty, was a woman
The one, who wetted Palnadu with blood, was a woman
The mother-in-law, who burns the daughter-in-law, is also a woman
The one, who spoiled this man, is a woman

The one, who gave fame and kingdom to Five Pandavas, was a woman
The one, who was behind the defame of Indra and Chandra, was a woman
The one, who was behind the beautiful Taj Mahal, was a woman
The one, who was behind the destructions of many kingdoms, was a woman
Whether it is good or bad, the reason behind everything is a woman
In the history, every page sings her story.

Telugu text in English (For Google search)

aadadhe aadharam mana katha aadane aarambam
aadadhe santhosham manishiki aadadhe santhapam
aadadhe aadharam mana katha aadane aarambam
aadadhe santhosham manishiki aadadhe santhapam

kothi mandha chetha sethuve nirmipachesindhi aadadhira
naadu thaali kosam yamudi kaalapasamthone porindhi aadadhira
kadga thikkana kaththi thuppu pattakunda aapindhi aadadhira
alla bala chandruni chandra bhanu thejam venuka velingindhi aadadhira
vemana vedhaniki naadham oka aadadhira
vemana vedhaniki naadham oka aadadhira
ithaganni naduputhondhi atuvanti adadhira

aadadhe aadharam mana katha aadane aarambam
aadadhe santhosham manishiki aadadhe santhapam
aadadhe aadharam mana katha aadane aarambam
aadadhe santhosham manishiki aadadhe santhapam

Dasarathanunni naadu dhikkuleni dasaku thechchindhi aadadhira
ayyo bheeshmudathanti vaadni ampasayyana petti champindhi aadadhira
andhala aggilo viswamithruni nishta cheripindhi aadadhira
aha palnadu nelantha pachchi neththutlona thadpindhi aadadhira
kodalni thagalabette aththa kooda aadadhira
kodalni thagalabette aththa kooda aadadhira
ee magavaadni nedu cherichindhi aadadhira

aadadhe aadharam mana katha aadane aarambam
aadadhe santhosham manishiki aadadhe santhapam
aadadhe aadharam mana katha aadane aarambam
aadadhe santhosham manishiki aadadhe santhapam

pancha paandavulaku keerthi kireetalu pettindhi aadadhira
ayyo indhrudu chandrudu apakeerthi palaina kaaranam aadadhira
potha posini punnamanti taj mahalu punaadhi aadadhira
ayyo meti samrajyala kotalenno koola gottindhi aadadhira
manchikaina chedukaina moolam oka aadadhira
manchikaina chedukaina moolam oka aadadhira
charithralo prathi puta ame kathe paadunura

aadadhe aadharam mana katha aadane aarambam
aadadhe santhosham manishiki aadadhe santhapam
aadadhe aadharam mana katha aadane aarambam
aadadhe santhosham manishiki aadadhe santhapam

The contribution of the director Visu, music directors Sankar-Ganesh, and the singer Dr.S.P.Balu cannot be ignored.

Monday, March 05, 2012

When Would India Develop - Middle Class Attitude

Most of the middle class families tell about great people in all the fields to their children. But, when the child grows up and gets enough knowledge and tries to take the path of the same great people, almost all the parents reject it.

Many middle class women, who have some faith in God, would definitely visit many saints. But, if their children want to become like Ramanujacharya, Sankaracharya or Vivekananda etc., almost nobody would agree for that. They will do everything possible to stop that.

Many people think that freedom fighters and social workers have done lot to the society. If anyone wants to become like another Mother Teresa by leaving their job and doing full time social service, Will their parents accept that?

Irrespective of whether one likes it or not, only politicians can change the fate of the country. Middle class and poor people think that Politics is dirty, and it should be avoided at all costs. There is no question of the parents making their children as politicians, unless they are super rich.

Spiritual leaders, Freedom Fighters, Social Workers and Politicians are of different category. But, would the middle class parents allow their children to become great scientists like Srinivasa Ramanujan, Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison etc? Yes. They allow, till they reach 8th class or at max +2. After that, nobody allows. Everyone want their son/daughter to become a big engineer or doctor and earn a lot of money. If anyone says, I will do M.Sc. in Maths or Physics, they would scold them like anything and force them to do Engineering or Medicine. Even after doing Engineering, if they say, they would do Ph.D., and then join in academic institution to do research, many parents won't allow it, since the salary would be one zero less when compared to the software engineers or Doctors.

Let's assume that, the middle class family is money minded, and they want only money and nothing else. Would they allow their children to become like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc.? Many parents would allow till their children have not taken the decisions to go in their path. When they are about to do it, they would stop. Most of the famous entrepreneurs had to sacrifice their good jobs, and many times even their education also. How many parents would be happy, if their children leaves their job, and starts a company in which either they don't get any salary or salary with one zero less than the previous job?

India would develop, if people of India develop it. Otherwise, it won't be developed. Everyone wants the country to be developed by others. At the end, nobody develops it. Whatever development has happened in India, is only because of the people who went out of their way and done something significant in their field of interest.