Monday, March 05, 2012

When Would India Develop - Middle Class Attitude

Most of the middle class families tell about great people in all the fields to their children. But, when the child grows up and gets enough knowledge and tries to take the path of the same great people, almost all the parents reject it.

Many middle class women, who have some faith in God, would definitely visit many saints. But, if their children want to become like Ramanujacharya, Sankaracharya or Vivekananda etc., almost nobody would agree for that. They will do everything possible to stop that.

Many people think that freedom fighters and social workers have done lot to the society. If anyone wants to become like another Mother Teresa by leaving their job and doing full time social service, Will their parents accept that?

Irrespective of whether one likes it or not, only politicians can change the fate of the country. Middle class and poor people think that Politics is dirty, and it should be avoided at all costs. There is no question of the parents making their children as politicians, unless they are super rich.

Spiritual leaders, Freedom Fighters, Social Workers and Politicians are of different category. But, would the middle class parents allow their children to become great scientists like Srinivasa Ramanujan, Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison etc? Yes. They allow, till they reach 8th class or at max +2. After that, nobody allows. Everyone want their son/daughter to become a big engineer or doctor and earn a lot of money. If anyone says, I will do M.Sc. in Maths or Physics, they would scold them like anything and force them to do Engineering or Medicine. Even after doing Engineering, if they say, they would do Ph.D., and then join in academic institution to do research, many parents won't allow it, since the salary would be one zero less when compared to the software engineers or Doctors.

Let's assume that, the middle class family is money minded, and they want only money and nothing else. Would they allow their children to become like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc.? Many parents would allow till their children have not taken the decisions to go in their path. When they are about to do it, they would stop. Most of the famous entrepreneurs had to sacrifice their good jobs, and many times even their education also. How many parents would be happy, if their children leaves their job, and starts a company in which either they don't get any salary or salary with one zero less than the previous job?

India would develop, if people of India develop it. Otherwise, it won't be developed. Everyone wants the country to be developed by others. At the end, nobody develops it. Whatever development has happened in India, is only because of the people who went out of their way and done something significant in their field of interest.


  1. Nice Information .Sri Ramanuja Swamy is a beacon of the equality and hope for the generations to come.