Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Telangana - Why Nobody Introduces Private Bill?

Many leaders (MLA/MPs) of Telangana are saying that, the government should form separate Telangana state. They are saying, they are trying their best to get separate state as soon as possible. Few leaders go to the extent of saying, they are doing everything democratically. They also ask to put the bill in the house.

I would consider a person is sincere in his/her efforts, only if he/she is going to do everything possible within their powers and then go and ask others to support their cause. If someone is not doing their duty, and ask others to do it, it means, they are not sincere and they are doing everything for the publicity sake.

The people who say, "democracy", should understand that, to form Telangana state, the parliament has to pass the bill for separate state. As a protocol, the parliament expects the bill to be passed in the parent state before partitioning the state.

Even a single MLA/MP can give notice to the speaker to introduce any bill. But, it may not be honored. But, if 10% of the MLA/MPs give notice to the speaker, the bill has to be introduced in the house. Then, the members of the house will have to take the decision on the bill.

Why cannot the supporters of Telangana introduce a private bill? Are they not getting even 10% of the supporters of the bill? In A.P. Assembly, 10% of the members is 30 MLAs. In Telangana, there are 119 MLAs. Even if exclude Hyderabad, it has 95 MLAs. Out of those 95 MLAs, even if 30 MLAs are not ready to sign on a private bill, how can they bring Telangana state, which requires support of 147 MLAs?

To introduce a private bill, there are no restrictions. Any MLA can introduce without losing their seat. But, if the bill is introduced, and the party issues a whip, then they have to vote according to the whip. Otherwise, they will lose their MLA seat. When the MLAs are not signing on a bill, by which they do not lose their MLA seat, would they take risk of losing MLA seat by not following the whip?

If they do not even have support of 30 MLAs, which is close to 1/4th of Telangana MLAs, then they do not have any right to talk about Democracy.

Lagadapati Rajagopal is in 5th place in the present Lok Sabha in introducing maximum no.of private bills.

KCR is in the 2nd place and Vijaya Santhi is in 4th place in the MPs who have least attendance in the Parliament. Unfortunately, A.Raja has been in jail for a long time and has taken the first position in this. Otherwise, KCR would have beaten him very easily. KCR had to attend parliament once in a while, because, if he is absent for a long, then he would lose his MP seat.

If anyone suicides in the name of Telangana, except few top leaders of the Telangana movement, nobody gains anything. It is not going to change anything by anyway. It is only loss to them and their family.

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