Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stock Market - What to Sell

One year back, you bought two shares. First one for Rs.6,000 and second one for Rs.4,000. Today, both are at Rs.5,000. You need Rs.5,000 and you want to sell shares. For the sake of simplicity, assume that, you cannot sell the shares partially. If you want to sell the shares of one company, you have to sell it completely. Which company shares would you chose?

In my experience, those who do not have experience with stock market would chose to sell the second company shares.

But, my guess is, we should completely ignore the history of the share, and should sell the shares of the company for which the prices will go further down, or the company which has less growth going forward. My opinion is same for real estate as well.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cash back Offer

For a long time, I have been hearing about cash back offer from many vendors/service providers. If the consumer does not like the service, he/she can get back the money they paid. I always used to wonder, how much difference does it make? I never buy a service, just because, there is cash back offer.

The cash back offer is generally to capture the potential customers who are evaluating different services, or those who are in dilemma whether to buy or not, or whether it would be useful or not. If cash back is offered to those people, then there is very high chance that, they would buy that service.

There are few service providers who do not return money under any circumstances. If those service providers tell all the clauses to the consumers before selling the service, then there may not be any problem. If they don't tell all the clauses before selling the service, and if the consumer does not like all the clauses, then it may lead to many problems. The consumer may demand return of partial/full money. If the service provider does not return, then the consumer may give more negative publicity, and the loss to the service provider may be much more than the money demanded by the consumer.

Some time back, I have paid full amount to one service, and then I realized that, their service is very bad, and I did not want to use the service. I did not use their service at all, and I asked them to return the money. Initially, they said, they won't return money at all. But, finally, after few months, they returned the money. Had they not returned my money, I would have given enough negative publicity for them, mentioning all the negative points about them, and they would have lost much more than what they returned to me.

Sometimes, it is better to return the money, if the request is reasonable.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We Need Gandhi Again to Change Our Country

We need Gandhi again to change our country.

Even if Gandhi comes now, he cannot change this Country.

These are the few statements, that many people say.

Why do you think that,there was nobody who was better than Gandhi was born?

Why do you think there was nobody who had put more effort than Gandhi for developing the country?

If we compare the results or fame that Gandhi got, probably, there was nobody who got better results or fame. But, it is completely wrong to think that, there was nobody who had put more efforts than Gandhi. There were/are many leaders who had put/are putting more effort than Gandhi. It is just that, they have not got as much fame as Gandhi, and not as successful as Gandhi.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

India Will Not Become A Developed Country As Long As

India will not become a developed country as long as people think that,
  • How does it matter to whom do we vote? Nobody does anything and everyone is corrupted.
  • What is the use of voting for that party? They are not going to win anyway.
  • Politics is dirty and good people should not join politics.
  • Government should not privatize anything.
  • A small favor to the majority religion makes one religious, and big favors to minority religions makes them secular.
  • We need more social organizations to serve the country.
If you think any of the above points are valid, then I will not vote for you in Assembly or Parliament elections.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Reservations - Castes

Recently, I watched a program on reservations. In the entire program, they have never cared about the root problem.

Few people advise to introduce reservations based on the economy status. But, a higher caste student has always better opportunities than a lower class student. Even if the higher caste students are poor, they would be having some relatives who are rich, and they help them. They are getting better career guidance then others. In higher castes, the people have societies, and they are helping their caste students. But, for lower castes, there are nothing like that.

The correct solution in this case is, providing help to everyone who are in need. If a poor person cannot study because of lack of financial support, give loans to everyone who needs it. Right now, it is not at all easy to get an education loan. Make that simple, and provide easy way to get the loans. By that, all the poor students can study without others' help.

I personally benefited a lot from the library in my home town. The library used to have all kinds of magazines including career guidance. By reading those magazines, I got a fair idea on what to do next. Establish the libraries in all the small towns and villages, and provide different kind of books and magazines. That will help everyone in that town/village, and not just people of few castes.

The societies in higher castes came because of no help whatsoever from the government for anything. If a particular caste is getting all the benefits, where is the need to form a society and donate money to that? I would say, if there is a social organization, it means, the government has miserably failed in solving the problems of the people who are getting help from that organization. In an ideal environment, there will not be any NGOs, and even if they are there, it would be bare minimum.

Caste discrimination cannot be removed by removing the reservations. Even before reservations came into picture, the caste discrimination was there. So, both are independent.

There are many reasons and types for caste discrimination. Many people have restrictions on castes for marriage. That is also one kind of discrimination. But, it does not effect others. In places like Tamilnadu, just by knowing their caste, we can say whether that person eats non-veg or not and vice-versa. For many people in Tamilnadu, by knowing the day to day activities, it is possible to guess their caste, and by knowing the caste, it is possible to tell their food habits and few other things. In those places, the caste is essentially nothing but, the behavior of the person. When a person wants to give his/her house to a tenant, most of them prefers a tenant who has same habits, i.e., who is of the same caste. Here, caste should not be seen as a social barrier. It is the way a person lives. In this case, it is not possible to remove caste from the system, and there is no need to remove this type of caste system. Because, in this case, the caste is just a name given to a behavior. This type of discrimination does not harm others.

Go to any engineering college or medical college. Ask any student whether they know the caste or the category (OC, BC etc.) of other students. You will get the answers from most of the students. Ask the employees of any private company about the caste or category of their colleagues. Most of them cannot tell. Probably, in Tamilnadu, they may tell whether they are brahmins or not (if they know whether they are veg or non-veg), but, other than that, it is very difficult to tell.

Discriminating the students based on caste makes the students discriminate based on the caste.

Only foolish people think that, by asking everyone their caste and discriminate based on that removes the caste system from the society.

In foreign countries, everyone gets the same quality education and health irrespective of their financial status. That's why, they don't need reservations. If we also get that level, then we can think of whether to keep the reservations or not.

Here, they themselves agreed that, quality education and health is not reaching everyone. Instead of fixing the root problem, they try to solve it partially by creating discrimination and in the process they create frustration among many people and make people fight with each other. If they agree that, in 60 years, they could not eliminate discrimination, when can they eliminate it?

I know many IAS officers who did not get a good rank but came by reservations and has done really good. I know many other higher caste IAS officers who got a very good rank, but do not know anything.

Here, the root problem is, an IAS officer who did not get a good rank is performing much better than a person who got a very good rank. It means, there is some serious issue in the selection and ranking itself. Instead of fixing the problem of selection and ranking, if we bring the caste into picture, it will not solve anything.

I agree that, there is no selection criteria which is absolute good. Even in the exams conducted by IITs, many times, people who do not have good knowledge gets in. But, Civils and Group Exams are very extreme. There is not even a single relation between the exams and the work that they do. The exams do not test the capabilities of the person for the position that he/she is applying. Civils is common test for thousands of important posts in India in Administrative, police, foreign, postal, trade, railways and many others. Even within IAS, there are many different posts like Collector, Managing Director of different organizations, secretaries to the ministers etc. If we just take secretaries to the ministers, almost every secretary requires special skills in their ministry. Each ministry like Finance, IT, Agriculture, Health etc. requires special knowledge in that field. Those who have studied a lot in those fields can contribute more and others cannot contribute that much. There is no relation between what the officers are doing to what they were tested. If there is no relation between the rank and the contribution, there is absolutely no relation between caste and contribution as well.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Be Professional In Professional Life

If you are expecting someone to spend much more than their regular spending for anything, then make sure that, you would make it completely voluntary. Don't force them to participate and pay.

If you are expecting the participants to pay for some activity that you have initiated, make sure that, you let them know in advance that they have to pay. If you don't let them know, there is nothing more unprofessional than that. If you have forgotten, that is completely your problem.

If you do like this, next time, don't expect anybody to listen to you.