Sunday, March 13, 2011

India Will Not Become A Developed Country As Long As

India will not become a developed country as long as people think that,
  • How does it matter to whom do we vote? Nobody does anything and everyone is corrupted.
  • What is the use of voting for that party? They are not going to win anyway.
  • Politics is dirty and good people should not join politics.
  • Government should not privatize anything.
  • A small favor to the majority religion makes one religious, and big favors to minority religions makes them secular.
  • We need more social organizations to serve the country.
If you think any of the above points are valid, then I will not vote for you in Assembly or Parliament elections.


  1. We need more social organizations to serve the country.

    What's wrong with this? That alone won't solve the problems, however that is a good thing right?

  2. What social organizations can do is very very insignificant to what a government can do. What a minister can do with 1% of his/her power is significantly more than all the social organizations put together. Spending money for social organizations is completely under utilizing our money. We should instead spend money to fix the government/elect good leaders.