Saturday, May 28, 2022

Rich are becoming richer. Poor are becoming poorer.

Rich are becoming richer. Poor are becoming poorer.

When people say the above, they implicitly criticize that the rich are robbing the poor people.

Except politicians and other people who have government power, rich people are not robbing poor people. 

Rich people are becoming richer by utilizing every opportunity that they have without missing even one small opportunity. 

They are becoming richer by improving their skills, knowledge and other things. 

They are becoming richer by taking good advice given by anyone.

They are becoming richer by selecting/electing the right leaders who can lead them.

They are becoming richer by utilizing all their resources in the most efficient way and ignoring anything that is unnecessary. 

Many rich people know the Win-Win concept. 

Poor people might be still poor, maybe because they are not getting enough opportunities. 

Poor people might be still poor, maybe because they do not have enough money to improve their skills or knowledge.

Also, I know many people, who did not take the opportunity, because it is a very small opportunity and their goal is very big. [Any visionary would say, when you cannot run, walk. When you cannot walk, crawl. Move towards your goal even at very small speed, but move.]

I know many people who are reluctant to take advice from anyone except great leaders. 

I heard from many people that, when they were ready to provide some free training, people who could have improved from that training, did not come for various (silly) reasons (and not for the reason of losing their day's income.)

I know many people who unnecessarily fight for unnecessary things and waste their time and resources.

I know many people who do not know how to select a leader who can improve their life. 

I know many people who do not understand the Win-Win concept (Everyone wins in that), and they think everything is a Zero-Sum game (One's loss is another's gain. If myself and another person are collaborating in something, and if I am not going to lose, then they implicitly assume that the other person is going to lose.)

Rich are becoming richer, and poor are becoming poorer are two independent statements. There is no relation between them. If anyone is worried about the poor becoming poorer, they need to concentrate on how to improve the poor people's life, and not think about dragging rich people down. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

What are we doing to the society?

Sometimes I used to wonder, whether I am doing anything for society or not.

Then, I realized that anyone who earns the same or more than what they consume is useful to society.

Many people are getting employment because you are alive and consuming. Even if you are living with basic necessities, you would be consuming food and other groceries, you might be travelling by bus or train etc. To provide those facilities to you, someone is getting employment (even if it is a fraction of their total employment).  

If you are a rich person who splurges money on many things, then there would be many people living on you. Without you, the total employment would reduce. 

Apart from that, I pay a lot of income tax. (It is not my problem, if people don't vote for good candidates for the efficient use of that money.)

Saturday, May 14, 2022

It just happens like that

Many times, I traveled by Tamil Nadu express from Chennai to Vijayawada. The train reaches Vijayawada at 4 AM. I always used to get up before the train reached Vijayawada even without an alarm. I used to think that it might be sixth sense or that the mind has some internal alarm. 

I was under that illusion till I missed the station one day.

Then, I analyzed everything and found the answer. 

Indian railways typically allot coaches for a particular start and end stations (for sleeper class). For someone starting at Chennai and getting down at Vijayawada or Warangal, they get only the coaches reserved for that. Similarly, for someone traveling from Chennai to Delhi, they get different coaches and they rarely travel with someone traveling to Vijayawada. 

Whenever I travel to Vijayawada, there would be many other people traveling to Vijayawada. When some of them get up and start talking or switch on lights or because of some other disturbance, I also get up. I used to think, I got up myself. 

Once I booked a ticket from Chennai to Delhi to go to Vijayawada. It is because I couldn't get a confirmed ticket to Vijayawada, but got a confirmed ticket to Delhi. The ticket price to Delhi is cheaper than the highest ticket price of premium tatkal to Vijayawada. Also, for tatkal tickets, there is a risk of not getting the tickets. So, I booked till Delhi. 

In my compartment, everyone was going to Delhi or Agra, and nobody needed to get up early. Since there was zero disturbance at 4 AM, I couldn't get up eventhough I had 3 alarms setup in the span of half an hour. I got up 15 minutes after the train left Vijayawada. 

Tamil Nadu express is one train which stops at very less number of stops (first four stops are in four different states). I had to get down at Warangal and return. 

It did not happen just like that. It had a reason.