Monday, March 12, 2012

Killing the Skill/Attitude of the Person Whom One Love

There was one King who had a great poet in his court. Once the king asked whether the poet can write something praising him. The king says, if the poet writes very well, then he would give 1 lakh for each character in the entire writing. The poet writes extra ordinarily praising the King. After hearing that, instead of giving the money to the poet, he cuts the fingers of the poet, so that, he won't write that great poems on anyone again.

When I heard this, I felt that King is very bad, and there won't be anyone who are so bad.

There are few people who fall in love with a girl, because of some special skill that the girl possess, or by the good behavior/attitude of that girl. They may persuade that girl to marry, and after the marriage, they would ask the wife to stop using the essentially the same skill, by which they fell in the love in the first place. If they had fallen in love by her talk or her helping nature etc., then the husbands may put many restrictions on the same.

Probably, except in the difference of the physical violence, essentially, there is no difference between that king and this kind of husbands. It is also possible that, there is no physical violence now, because of legal problems.

Many times, I feel that, before pointing the fingers to some bad person, if we try to analyze our situation, we also may have the same kind of issues, may be in mini scale.

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