Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vaasthu - Does it Change Over Time?

There is science behind the Vaasthu. Many people do not know that, it varies from place to place. The rules of the Vaasthu in the East Coast side varies from the Vaasthu in the West Coast side. One reason for that is, the air flow is in different directions in the East Coast and the West Coast. In the East Coast side, the air flow is mainly from the North East side. The Vaasthu of the East Coast says, there should be more empty space in the North East side, preferably with water flow on the North East side. By that, one gets more natural air, and they would be more healthy. The rule of having more empty space in the North East side may not be applicable to the people living on the West Coast side.

I feel, the Vaasthu may have to be changed in the same place because of the changes in the life styles of the people.

The Vaasthu of East Coast says, have the house entrance doors in the North East side. In villages and small towns, many people always open their main doors. If they have the entrance doors in the North East side, then there would be more air flow in their house. In big towns and cities, almost everyone closes their main doors. By having this rule, essentially, the people in the cities and big towns are not getting any air flow at all. Instead, if they construct the houses in such a way that, their balcony or other windows/doors, which they usually open is in North East side, then there would be more air flow.

It may be time to revise all the rules of the Vaasthu and apply the real reasons rather than blindly following.

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