Friday, February 03, 2012

One Question to the Supporters of Anti Corruption and Anna Hazare

How many people have submitted all the original documents in the income tax declarations with true claims including but not limited to house rent, medical bills, travel bills etc.?

Whatever the reasons that people have, to submit fake documents, for the same reasons, the corrupted people are doing corruption.




  2. i dont think these will fall under corruption tag. These are illegal (cheating) to do but no corrupt. ppl try to save money from their OWN savings. i remember you writing something on "saving money on by staying in company owned guest house". In your category, this will also fall under corruption :)


  3. If you do manipulation of bills, and if Income Tax Department comes know of this, they may impose huge fine and may arrest you as well. If you don't want to call this as corruption, give whatever name you want to that.

    "to save money from their OWN savings" is completely meaningless to me, when the government says, you have to pay money for the income that you earned. If you are not going to pay income tax for your own hard-earned money, it is illegal.

    I don't remember me saying, "saving money on by staying in company owned guest house". DId you mean, This is nothing to do with that. I stayed in the company guest house till they allowed. What do you mean by corruption in that?