Sunday, February 12, 2012

Illegal Does not Mean Unethical - Dr.JP is Planning to do Illegal Activity

Illegal does not mean Unethical. Illegal only means, you are violating one or more rules set by the government. Even if the rule set by the government is unethical, still, if you violate it, it would be called as illegal.

If the people are self-dependent, then they do not care about the government. If people do not care about the government, then most of the politicians will be worth of nothing. Many present politicians can survive only, if people are dependent on them. For that purpose, government introduced many unethical rules which are there just to increase the suffering of the people.

One example is, Andhra Pradesh farmers cannot sell rice to any other state in India. A.P. farmers are not getting good price for rice in A.P. If they sell rice to the neighbor state Karnataka, they get Rs.150-200 extra per bag of rice. But, A.P. government is neither giving fair price to the farmers nor it is allowing to sell outside the state. Whenever any farmer suicides, all these politicians visit their house, and say, they would take care of their family and would solve all the problems of the farmers. But, they do not remove these kind of restrictions.

Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan has given a warning to the government to remove this restriction before Feb 17th. If they do not remove, then under the leadership of Dr.JP, all the farmers would violate the government rules and sell rice in Karnataka on Feb 18th and 19th.

All the so-called sincere people out there; Now, you can criticize that, even Dr.JP has done illegal activities. If he violates the rules on 18th and if the government files any case against him, you can say that, Lok Satta Party is also similar to any other party, and it's president has pending cases against him.

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