Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Astrologer's Role in Marriages

These days, many people are consulting astrologers whether the bride and groom's charts are matching or not.

If we believe that, the astrology is correct, and it cannot be changed, then at the time of birth itself, our fate has been decided, and whom would one gets married is decided. So, there is no need for one to check the astrologers about the horoscope match. The astrologer does not play any role in this.

I asked the same to an astrologer. He told me that, his role is only shortlisting. If there is no match for the bride and groom, and if they do not consult astrologers, then they would spend lot of time and money, and finally, the marriage would not happen. If they come to the astrologer, they would check whether one can proceed or not. If it is a clear no case, then one would save lot of time and money.

He gave a counter example to the same. There was a family, who always comes to him for anything in their family. For their son, they visited the astrologer many times to match with the bride chart. Once, he went out of station for few days. At that time, that family found a match, and they got married without consulting this astrologer. Within 15 days after the marriage, the husband left his wife, because she was harassing him like anything. The astrologer told me that, this guy had two marriages in his chart. That's why, for his marriage, they could not consult him.

From this, few people conclude that, astrology is always correct, and everyone should follow it, and they follow all the random and fake astrologers and change their life according to what they say.

The conclusion that I got was, whatever has to happen will happen. It cannot be changed. We can only be prepared. If the astrologer says, you will face troubles, if you marry that person, and if you are not destined to have troubles, you will not get married to that person. If you are destined to have troubles, you would get married to that person. Irrespective of your interest and actions, the whole world conspires you to get married to the person you are destined to, provided you are destined to marry. If you are not destined to marry, then the whole world would conspire you to not get married.

Another astrologer says, many people are getting married late, which is true. My guess is, the astrology is using astrology to delay the marriages. It is very difficult to find good astrologer these days. Most of them do not have any knowledge in astrology, and for many, the goal is, to extract more money. If the astrologer says, the chart is good for every match, then they would get married soon, and the astrologer wont get much money. If the marriage does not happen, then they can earn money. So, the fake astrologers try to reject as many as possible. If the astrologer had not said no, then many people may get married without any issues. Since, their destiny is not to get married, they are going to these astrologers only to cancel the marriages. Astrology is using itself to prove itself.

I used to hear the predictions of few parrot astrologers, who always say correct to any illiterate. They say, something like, these days you are getting dreams regularly. But, by the time, you wake up, you are forgetting. You are thinking about one thing deeply. You don't know what is going to happen in that. For these things, it is true for almost everyone. Any healthy person would get dreams regularly, and it is very rare that, they remember it. Everyone thinks about many things. It is very difficult to do not think. Since, they are true, the illiterates believe that, the astrologer is correct.

The same kind of general truths can be applied even for marriages. There is no perfect match. For any couple, at some time or other, they fight with each other. Even decades back, the couple used to fight in such a way that, the wife goes to her parents house and stays there for some time. These days, even divorce became common. So, if an astrologer says, within 3 years, this girl fights with the husband, and goes to her parents house, it would be true for most of the time. The astrologer would also suggest big puja to rectify this problem. If there is no fight, then, the astrologer says, because of this puja, nothing happened. If there was a fight, he says, because of the puja, the problem reduced significantly.

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