Sunday, February 19, 2012

Partition of State/Country

When Pakistan wanted separate state, almost no leader of Congress liked that proposal. The Congress people and the Hindus did not want the separation. But, they had to accept the separation, because of Jinnah and Muslim League.

After 60 years, if we see in retrospect, as in Indian, I feel it was a good idea to separate the country. [By the way, I am not at all supportive of the riots that happened after the partition.] In the 60 years of Independent India, there was only 19 months period, when the Democracy was not honored. Other than that 19 months, rest of the time, the Democracy was honored in India, and only those whoever were elected by the people, ruled the country.

In 60 years of the Pakistan's history, half of the time, it was either ruled by the Military or was in Emergency. The basic democracy was not honored for more than 30 years in Pakistan. I don't have full details of the life of the people in Pakistan. But, I feel, the life of the people in India is much better than the life of the people in Pakistan.

When there was partition, the extremists moved to Pakistan. Another important thing is, with the partition, India scrapped the separate electorate based on the religion. Had Pakistan be not separated, India would have been forced to keep separate electorate based on the religion and also would be forced to introduce reservations based on the religion, which would have created many more problems, as if the existing problems are not enough. By partitioning the country, India got ridden of many bad things.

In retrospect, Partitioning of India may not be a bad idea.

After seeing the hatred of the people in Telangana and their movements, I feel, if the same thing continues, it would be better to give separate state, even by losing Hyderabad. May be after a decade or two, we may realize that, the separation was good for us.

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