Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Redbus May Cancel Your Ticket Without Your Permission

My friends had very bad time with Redbus. They had booked two tickets in redbus, and they wanted to cancel one. They called the customer care and asked to cancel one. Customer care people tried to cancel, and then said, it is not possible to cancel one ticket. They did not cancel any ticket. My friend found another one who would like to travel in the same route and went to board the bus. At the time of boarding, they said, one ticket was cancelled and they did not allow another to board. That other person had to go by very expensive way to reach his destination. Obviously, at that time, it won't be possible to go by a cheaper mode of transport.

Later on Redbus called and said, other person did not show up, so, they cancelled that ticket and returned full fare. That was the biggest comedy. When they were fighting on why they cancelled without their permission, they were saying the passenger did not show up. They returned full fare, saying passenger did not show up. (Nobody returns full fare, if the passenger does not show up.) But, the expense because of the alternate transport was much more than the full fare.

If a case is filed in a consumer court, it is easy to win. But, for that, one needs to spend significant time (which can be translated to money). So, they did not go for that option.

If you are planning to book tickets by Redbus, be careful. If you are doing partial cancellation, prepare for the worst.

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  1. Yeah Redbus has done with me also they cancel the tickets at the peek time without notifying to the passengers. Thanks for sharing this and giving the advice.

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