Thursday, February 02, 2012

What is Valuable for One is Not Valuable for Others

When I was in Hyderabad, one friend invited me for lunch, and in Chennai another friend invited me. Both times, I think, I ate minimum no.of items than they prepared (not quantity), and Dal and Rice were the major items that I had taken. Both were the best lunches that I had in those cities.

One common friend asked me, whether I did not like the food, because, I had taken only dal and rice, and with force, I took one more item for the namesake. I told that, since, dal and rice are good, I ate only that. Then, I was given a class that, even if I like those two items, still I should eat other items also. Otherwise, they may think that, I don't like the food. I am not sure, who is correct. But, I was more happy by eating just those two items.

At another time, a family friend invited me for lunch. They did not cook dal. The person asked his wife, whether she made dal or not. She said, since dal is the one which is eaten everyday, she did not prepare. Eventhough, there was no problem with that food, I cannot say that, it was the best food that I had eaten in recent time or in that city.

When she said that, dal is the one which is eaten everyday, I felt like saying, who eats daily? You may eat it daily. But, I don't. For obvious reasons, I did not tell.

For the person, who does not know how to cook, and eats in the hotel always, the normal food that is cooked at home would be delicious. It may be normal for them, but it is a good food for me.

Probably, the junk food that I eat daily may be special food for many people.

Many years back, when I was a kid, I visited a village to attend a marriage. There, they have arranged a car and a tractor to go to the marriage hall. I did not like to go by tractor. Since, I travel by bus regularly, I did not want to go by bus either. I wanted to go only by car, and I waited till the last trip of the car, and went by that. Now, if I am in the same situation, without any second thought, I would go by tractor.

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  1. There is a famous dialogue in one of the famous Telugu Movie, "How can you decide that something is not good without having / tasting it".

    So, when there are "n" items on the table, and you go for only 2 then its human to think that you didnt like to come to that place in the first place. Had you tasted (only tasted)all of them and taken a second round of the things you like (in this case Rice and Dal) the hosts will be glad that you enjoyed your food. That makes them satisified. Now its upto you to decide you want yourself to be satisified or you want your Host also to be satisfied a bit.