Monday, January 30, 2012

In Case Your Business Partner Harasses You, What Would You Do?

You and your friend have started a business together. After some point in time, he wanted to separate out. Eventhough, you don't like it, but, you agreed to separate out. When the process of separation is going on, your partner has started harassing you and your family. He started destroying your wealth.

The separation is not completely over, and you are holding more than your share of the business. The extra share of the business is less than the damage that caused to you by your partner, either directly or indirectly. In more technical terms, if your partner had not destroyed your wealth, then you would have saved much more than the extra share of the business that you are holding.

Now, would you return his share of the business, when he is harassing you and your family, and still continuing the destruction of your assets?

I am sure many people will not return his share of business. Few kind hearted people may return after everything is settled, and only after he stopped the harassment and fighting.

If a person who calls himself as a well wisher of both the parties advise you to return money, would you really call that person as a well wisher. If he threatens you to return the money, still do you call him as a well wisher? Let's suppose, if you call him as a well wisher, do you think your family (who is suffering everyday) will also call him as a well wisher? If you decide to return the money to your partner after listening to your well wisher, how does your family feel?

Disclaimer: This post is completely fiction, and resemblance to any actual incidents is purely coincidence. If there is any resemblance to any actual incident, and if anybody posts that as a comment, that comment would be deleted immediately.

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