Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Criticisms For the Followers of Religion

Many times, one has to face many problems, if one says himself or herself, that he/she is a devotee or follow certain religious principles.

If the devotee does any activity which others do not like and it is not considered as good by the general public, immediately, they will say, you are a devotee or follow certain religion, and why do you do like this?

For any rule set by the scriptures, it also mentions many exceptions, where that rule is not valid. For example, the scriptures say, drinking alcohol is not allowed. At another place, it says, it is permitted as medicine. There are many exceptions, where one is allowed to lie. If the person is in danger, then most of the rules are exempted. There are many rules in donations (not exceptions). One should donate only if all the rules are satisfied. Otherwise, it may have negative impact.

If anyone has some common sense and knowledge on the situation, whatever the correct action that they take would be almost equivalent to that of what is prescribed by the scriptures. It is just that, they may not be aware that scriptures support their action.

In few cases, the devotees may intentionally do incorrect things, in case the benefit that they get by the sin is far superior than the punishment they get. In that case, they would accept the punishment happily.

Criticism of why are you doing like this, when you follow certain religion, is not valid. The only difference between those who follow and those who do not follow is, those who follow it, are ready to take the results, others are not.

Courtesy: the people who have criticized me in the name of Lord Krishna for the mistakes that I made knowingly.

By the way, in my about me, I changed from devotee of krishna to aspiring to be a devotee of krishna.

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  1. Yes - i noticed the change in 'about me'.

    There is a saying (to comfort religious/spiritual people who are undergoing suffering) - you cannot clean a house without raising dust.