Saturday, January 21, 2012

Having Bad Time in Buying Books

It seems, I am having bad time in buying books. After not buying anything in the books exhibition outside ISKCON store, now, I could not buy even ISKCON books.

ISKCON has published the Bhagavatham in 18 volumes in different languages long back. But, in Telugu, they have taken a lot of time to publish. Starting from 5th volume till 12th volume, I bought the Telugu Bhagavatham books as and when they were published. Recently, I came to know that, they have published all the volumes in Telugu. When I asked for the last 6 volumes, they said, they would sell only the entire set and not individual books. I said, I would buy the entire set, and would sell the first 12 volumes back to them, and asked how much would they willing to pay me. But, they rejected that, and said, they won't buy back, because, they already had enough of the first 12 volumes. I did not want to spend three times money, and have written to the Head office in Mumbai, and they said, they would take around 2 months to publish those books separately.

By using the astrology chart and the present planetary periods, the astrologers say, during a particular period, whether one gets money or loses money etc. Probably, in my present planetary period, the planets are against me buying books.

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