Friday, January 06, 2012

Prohibitions in Hinduism

In Hindu theology nothing is prohibited, but a menu of prescriptions and enumeration of consequences of your actions.

Courtesy: Subramanian Swamy, President of Janatha Party on Twitter (@Swamy39)


  1. what silliness! He is just changing the definition of the word 'prohibited'.

    According to this new definition of 'prohibited', I can say :
    'Islam does not prohibit eating pig. It only says that if you eat, you'll suffer the consequences.'
    'Christianity does not prohibit working on Sundays. It only says that if you work, you will suffer the consequences.'

    Same way, Subramaniam swamy is saying 'Hinduism does not prohibit anything'.

    Of course Hinduism prohibits so many things, according to each class of society - the higher up you are in the ladder, the more prohibitions there are.
    for e.g, brahmins are prohibited from eating while standing (no road-side food stalls), eating with left hand (no fork in left hand), eating by sipping (hand or spoon should not enter mouth), eating/drinking before bathing (meaning no tea/coffee without bath) etc. there are million such restrictions.

    What these 'prohibitions' mean is that, if they do it, then they'll suffer appropriate consequences.

    The rishis who wrote these laws don't want us to suffer.
    Just like, if we touch fire, we get burnt, same way, if we break these laws, we suffer. But when a child is going to touch fire, there won't be enough time to explain him why he should not touch - it will hurt, he cannot use his hand for a week, he has to go to doctor etc. A parent will just shout 'DON'T TOUCH'.
    Same way, Shastras just say 'DON'T DO'. they don't give explanation why.

    But later when child grows up, he will ask for explanation. At that time, we can't just say 'DON'T DO', but have to give reasons.
    That is what Itihasa/Puranas do, they explain the consequences of breaking laws.

    Don't be led astray by pseduo intellectuals like subramaniam swamy, or even dr. c.rajagopalan.

    There is a Thirukkural tamil saying 'no matter whatever you hear from whoever, understanding the truth behind it is intelligence'

  2. Replies
    1. nooo..
      BY DEFINITION, the word 'prohibition' means - warning that if you do bad thing, you'll be punished.
      so, every religion has prohibitions!

    2. What I meant was, If somebody is ready to take the punishment, then, it is not exactly a prohibition for that person.

  3. Prohibitions in Hinduism Should maintain strictly. If anyone violate the rules they will tarnish the image of Hindu religion. So everybody must try to follow the prohibitions.