Friday, January 20, 2012

Definition of Pure Vegetarian

Almost 15 years back, one famous telugu hero released a spiritual movie which was a big hit then. After that, in an interview, he said, he was a pure vegetarian. In the same interview, when he was asked what was his favorite food item, he answered Chicken.

One person that I know, boasts as, everyone in their family are big devotees of Lord Krishna and everyone of them are pure vegetarians. As another statement, I was told by the same person that, their son was not feeling well and he could not eat eggs.

One of my friends is from a caste, in which people do not eat non-veg. He never utters the word meat, non-veg etc. When he wanted to refer non-veg, he says something like, "The one that you eat" (Eventhough, I don't eat non-veg). He eats eggs, and he argues with me that, eggs are vegetarian, and he is a pure vegetarian.

Another person whom I know, eats non-veg, but does not eat on tuesday, friday and saturday. That person says, they are better vegetarians than me. The reason that I was given was, they use different utensils for veg and non-veg. So, on those days, they avoid non-veg completely. Since, I eat in hotels, it is possible that, they might have used the same utensils for non-veg also. So, they are better vegetarians than me.

Many people claimed that, I am not a devotee. After accepting that, now the people who eat non-veg claim that, they are better vegetarians than me.

One must watch video for non-vegetarians. (Vegetarians, please forward it without watching.)

Courtesy of the Video: Rajesh Tiruveedula

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  1. From the technical side, non-vegetarians have better side of health compared to vegetarians only if they consume for health benefits (of course no body does like that). Vegetarians claim that there is no need to consider non-veg for healthy life.

    every body has their own logic to convince others for "better". But that is all nonsensical unless they have compassion to other living creatures.