Saturday, January 14, 2012

Forgiveness of Women

Many people and poets say that, Women have more forgiveness than men. Just few points for food for thought.

If a guy proposes a girl for love or marriage, and if the girl is not going to accept the proposal, then their relationship would be broken except in exceptional cases.

If a man and woman have strong argument in anything in professional or personal life, then their personal relationship also would be effected, and undoing may not be possible in most of the cases.

If the guy has really done some mistake knowingly or unknowingly, which effected a girl, and even if the guy is ready to fix the situation or trying to understand what the mistake that he has done, it is very rare to find the girl who would let the guy know the mistake that he has done, and no need to speak of finding girl who would cooperate with the guy to fix the situation and re-establish the relationship.

With sincere apologies to the women who have forgiveness.

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