Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sisupala's Criticisms on Krishna

Is Krishna older than his own father Vasudeva?

Is Krishna a better hero than Bheeshma?

Is Krishna a bigger sage than Veda Vyasa?

Is Krishna a better guru than Dronacharya or Krupacharya?

Is Krishna better than all the Kings here?

Is Krishna a better archer than Karna?

Is Krishna a closer relative to you than your father-in-law, Drupada?

Is Krishna your favorite who has to be pacified at any cost?

For those who do not know the answer for the above, it is resounding YES for all the questions.

Few people try to compare bad people as they were Hiranyakasipa, Ravana, Kumbakarna and Sisupala etc., in their previous birth. This is nothing but praising them like anything. Because, Jaya and Vijaya who were the gatekeepers of Vaikunta, have born as these demons because of a curse. Criticizing someone like Ravana or Kumbakarna etc. is nothing but, praising them as the great devotees of Narayana.

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