Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mistakes Vs Corruption of Officials

In the name of anti-corruption, many times, people and media are doing over enthusiastic things which would halt the development.

Few years back, when a new organization was formed, the government has taken 10% share in that organization. After some time, the organization decided to increase their base fund, and asked all the partners to invest more money. The directors (IAS officers) from the government felt that, there was no point in investing more money in that organization, and did not invest more government money. After few years, the organization started making huge profits. Now, the media started blaming the directors that, they are corrupted, and that's why, they did not try to maintain the share of the government. Had the directors maintained the government share and if the company had made losses, the same media again would have said, they are corrupted, and that's why, they invested more money in the organization which is making losses.

How many people in the world can actually predict the growth of an organization? If they can predict it correctly, they would be one of the richest people of the world. Everyone goes with some assumptions with whatever knowledge they have, and people cannot predict always. If the media or other so-called social workers start blaming the government officials for the things which are not in their control, then no official would try to take any decision, and the entire development would halt.

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