Monday, December 14, 2009

Some Contradictory Statements

Krishna and Guntur districts have the highest literacy rate, and has the highest pass percentage in the entire Andhra. Mahaboobnagar has the lowest literacy rate, and has the lowest pass percentage in the entire Andhra. That itself tells how backward Telangana is. So, we need separate state for Telangana.

Fine. We will send 1000 quality teachers from Krishna and Guntur districts to Mahaboobnagar. They will improve the education there.

No way. For any job in Mahaboobnagar, we need to recruit from Mahaboobnagar only. We cannot give our employment to Andhra people. These andhra people are already dominating in Telangana. Nobody is interested in implementing 610 G.O. We cannot give any more chance to them. Get lost.


1 comment:

  1. According to 610 GO the state of ap is divided in 8 zones. Telangana is divided into 3 zones. a person from one zone cant get govt job in other zone