Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bad Day for Andhra Pradesh

Dec 9th is a bad day for Andhra Pradesh. Congress decided to start the process for separate Telangana. As a first step, they are going to put the bill in Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

Eventhough I don't like Congress Party, but when Congress won in the state and Center, I was little happy. Because, Congress is the only party which clearly said, they will not give Telangana. Loksatta said, it does not matter, and all other parties said, they would give. Since, Congress supported United Andhra, and it won both at the center and state, I was happy that, we will not get Telangana. But, in just 7 months, they started the process for Telangana. Of course, just passing bill in A.P.Assembly is not enough for the separate state. It has to be passed in both the houses of Parliament. I don't know what the Congress leaders are going to do for this. If Congress leaders give separate state in the next 4.5 years, I would lose even the minimum respect that I have till now for them.

If they are going to give separate state, they have to tell the solutions for the following problems clearly. If they don't mention clear answers for any of the following, then Andhra and Telangana would be like India and Pakistan. There is no doubt about it.

  1. What would be the capital of Andhra State?

    • Do both share the same capital? If both share the same capital, does it mean Hyderabad becomes Union Territory? Then, In what proportion, the revenue of Hyderabad is distributed to Andhra, Telangana and Hyderabad?

    • If Andhra has to get separate capital, then Andhra has to find a new capital and it would take quite some time. It requires tens of thousands of crores. Who would give that money? Would Telangana state give that money? Till the capital is formed, what would be the interim capital of Andhra? If Hyderabad is the interim capital of Andhra, then how would the revenue share work till Andhra gets a separate capital?

  2. How would the revenue and debts of the state are distributed? While distributing the debts, is the purpose of debts considered or not? i.e, if a loan is taken for the development of a region, would the corresponding state clear that loan, or all the loans are distributed in proportion to the population/area of the state?

  3. This question will not be applicable, if Hyderabad is made as union territory. Two leaders of non-Telangana developed Hyderabad significantly in the last 15 years, and it is a major source of revenue for United Andhra. Now, if Telangana takes Hyderabad, what happens to Andhra? If you develop something for 15 years, and then if you had to give that to somebody else, how would you feel? Won't the people of Andhra feel the same? If everyone is angry for losing their property, would they keep quiet?

  4. Before splitting the state, the water distribution should be decided for Krishna and Godavari. If they don't do it, then there will be fighting for this for the next 3-4 decades for this.

  5. What happens to Government Organizations? How are they going to split? If they are not going to split, then which state will manage those? If it is done by both states, then who would have the control for the selection of Chairman, MD and GM of those organizations? What happens to the employees of those organizations?

  6. What happens to the educational Institutes? Would they split boards for 10th and Intermediate? Would they consider the impact on the students while splitting? If they don't split, how would two governments manage one board?

  7. What would be the effect on Engineering and Medical Colleges due to this? Universities like JNTU have colleges across the state. Now, if there is split, then what happens to those colleges? To which university, would they be affiliated? If there is a change in the university, Won't it impact the students?

I don't have problem with separate state, as long as all the problems are solved, and people of Andhra are not effected due to the split.


  1. The potential problem for the center is resolved.. they dont need to bother about the irrigation projects and all people centric costly schemes... the finances will be in their control for a while and dictate to Telangana and Andhra later.. Its a strategy by congress high command.. and you know i was expecting this...

  2. and this is surely not due to 11 day fast by KCR... YSR loss.. loss to Andhra buddy... atleast now say JAYAHO YSR...

  3. I always supported YSR in his stand on Telangana. I wrote the following article, after YSR announced his stand clearly.

  4. Andhra pradesh is relatively better in terms of education, low poverty levels, crime and unemployment compared to UP, Bihar, MP and other states. We really need this partition to push it backwards and make it stand along with its brothers in north india. Awesome! I wish thats what the leaders are looking for and I believe they are going to accomplish it.

  5. @tnsatish
    Rightly said my friend. Lots of people are going to be affected by the partition. I think you have forgotten about the postal system, what will happen to the address of the residents of the state after partition. An Integrity of the state is at hand and even though I am not from AP, i feel sad if partition does occur to a state which has been our neighbor since our country's Independence.

    If you are thinking that by partition you will get all that you have mentioned, then you are wrong buddy, there will be even more violence and hatred amongst the people. What partition can create to AP is the next Africa.

    @Indian Government
    Plz think twice before taking any decisions

    --Suhas SR

  6. @Suhas,
    Ravi is saying that, after partition poverty level, crime and umemployment will increase. But, he wrote it in different way. Read it once again, and you will understand.

  7. Hello Sathish

    U raised gud questions.

  8. really valid concerns..... but how good are these to make any of the leaders think(If atlest some of our leaders have any sense of thought still left)....
    Posting on blogs ore replying to blogs does not change the picture nor does give life a new hope(hope!!! that's what made me reply)... do not mistake me for my thought, i was rather vexed and annoyed seeing the current state of affairs... got to do something out of the box.

  9. vijayawada should be next capital if telangana is coming

  10. It is better to separate Administration Capital from Business Capital. If both are at the same place, then there will be significant no.of management problems for the city, and the business would be impacted.

    Government has huge land (enough to make a capital) between Vijayawada and Guntur. But, I don't want Vijayawada to be a capital. If Telangana is separated, the business in Vijayawada would be increased significantly. But, if Vijayawada is made as Capital, then the business would be impacted. It is like how Mumbai is for India, and it should continue that way.

    If Telangana is separated, then with that experience the investments around capital would be reduced significantly, and everyone tries to have business in their locality. So, the capital will not be a big issue.

  11. Excellent..Boss..I Fully Agree.

  12. Those who ever supports vijayawada as capital, most of them might be in around and vijayawada. Coz the north andhra (Srikakulam, vizianagaram, vizag) are against vijayawada becoming a capital and they want vizag as capital. And the same from rayalaseema people (reddy dominated) are not even ready to accept vijayawada and they want kurnool or tirupati as capital.
    And moreover the people from vijayawada and nearby has got a badname as caste biased and are very selfish.
    So just leave it to the fate ;-)
    Note: I'm not against vijayawada and I'm from eluru nearby vijayawada.

  13. please don't support this telangana issue ?please support (USA)united state of andhra only
    because of some people are raising this issue for their selfishness only.
    telangana people were saying they are not developing their places and their people and they were in back y we shouldn't get development with unity (with in one state)
    and moreever after getting telangana they will get success they can reduce poorness and etc...(r u sure about this one)? in that they will fight for who is CM and about ministry they will forget about people.
    Please remember for how many days we were fighting for our separate state (for telugu people)
    our legends pottisriramulugaru , and our honorable ex:CM N.T.R garu (for this one only they did all those things please think ones )
    don't follow british rules (devide and rule)please be a true indian (unity is strength)