Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bad Cartoon of the Year

This is today's cartoon in Eenadu

Narendra Modi is holding "Compulsory voting in Gujarath".

Others are saying,
"Bring Compulsory Food Act".
"Bring Compulsory Education Act".
"Bring Compulsory Water Act".
"Bring Compulsory Health Act".

They are missing the point that, unless they elect a good leader, they are not going to get Food, Education, Water and Health. Even if government brings those acts (it already has most of them), there will not be any change, if there are corrupted leaders. It is very sad to see Eenadu criticizing this act instead of promoting it. I would not have cared if Sakshi or some other news paper does the same.

I would like to thank Narendra Modi for bringing this act.


  1. How will compulsory voting magically elect a good leader? Is there any evidence to show that the results of compulsory voting will be any different from what it is today with 60% turnout?

    If you are talking about people voting for "no one" and invalidating the election, that is very unlikely. Apparently in Chile, there is compulsory voting, and only about 5% of people vote for no candidate.

  2. Negative voting, or voting for "no one" is not required. If everyone votes for better among the bad, the system would be automatically improved. This is the follow up post on this.

  3. After giving a thoughtful thinking....I concluded it is a good move in long term.... Proper implementation is possible only after 2 such elections...