Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dr.JP is Not Accessible to Kukatpally People

Instead of worrying about the agriculture issues in the state and fighting with the government,
Instead of worrying about the societies acts and fighting in the courts opposing the government,
Instead of worrying about the lokpal bill and presenting his opinions to the parliamentary committee,

If Dr.JP decides to worry about the drainage, garbage or street lights in Kukatpally, I would not support him or Lok Satta.

I would prefer to have a leader, who would use his/her complete power in developing the entire country. If the leader has so much power, but, sticks to only very limited area and uses very less powers for the people, then probably, he/she would be better suited in philosophy and may be an ideal example of a monk. But, never in politics or business.

If everyone in the state wants their MLAs and MPs to work for their local issues, then there won't be anybody to worry about the state issues or country issues.

If Dr.JP spends more effort to solve their local problems, so that he can win in the next elections, then his whole life would be spent in that only, and there will never be any end.

I believe, and I feel Lok Satta also believes that, the actual change that we need to bring is, make people aware that, their vote can change their life, and only their vote can change their life. Winning in the elections is never a primary.

If Kukatpally people think that, there is somebody else who can better serve them, let them elect them instead of Dr.JP. I don't have any issues and I strongly feel that, even Dr.JP does not have any issues on that.


  1. Do you even know what Mr MLA JP's oath was when he was elected to the Assembly of AP.. if you dont consider him a perfect public servant like other politicians then damn dont elevate him as if he is a GOD in evert thing

  2. Anonymous,
    Do you know even basics of politics? Do you atleast know reading english? What made you to believe that, I don't consider him as a public servant?

    Did you ever watched the oath of any MLA in your life. Go and watch here

    He nowhere mentioned about Andhra Pradesh in his oath, and no need to speak of tiny part Kukatpally. The first oath always talks about the country, and second oath talks about the house.

    1. Mr Tn satish.. I strongly condemn ur posts which has no sense at all..

      ఇంట గెలిచి రచ్చ గెలవమన్నారు పెద్దలు..

      నియోజికవర్గం లో ఉన్న సమస్యలు పట్టించుకోకుండా దేశం లో ఉన్న పెద్ద సమస్యల గురించి మాట్లాడుతూ కూర్చుంటే ప్రజలకు ఈయన చెప్పేవాడే కానీ చేసే వాడు కాదు అని అనుకుంటారు.

      తను ఏంటో నిరుపించుకొని ఆ తర్వాత పెద్ద పెద్ద విషయాల గురించి మాట్లాడితేనే ఏ రాజకీయ నాయకుదికైన భవిష్యత్తు ఉండేది.

      వోట్లు వేసి గెలిపించిన ప్రజల సమస్యలకోసం అయన ఆలోచించడం లో తప్పేమీ లేదు.

      చేస్తున్న ప్రతి మంచి పనికి నానార్ధాలు తీసి ..తప్పులు వెతకాలని చూడకు.

    2. చేస్తున్న ప్రతి మంచి పనికి నానార్ధాలు తీసి ..తప్పులు వెతకాలని చూడకు.

      Where did I criticize Dr.JP or any other leader in this post? I was telling about importance of Dr.JP's other activities.

      For the other points you mentioned, it is upto individual's preference. My first preference is, very big decisions of the country. Your preference may be the garbage and roads infront of your house. You can vote the person whoever is going to clear the garbage infront of your house and keep your road clean. I am going to vote for the person who is going to change the economic situation, develops the infrastructure and the country in all aspects, even if he does not worry about garbage infront of my house.

      That's what, I clearly mentioned in the last line of my post. If people of Kukatpally thinks that, somebody else can better serve them, let them elect that person only. Dr.JP won't feel bad at all.

  3. this was different column i have ever read.........please clarify me: 1.I read that JP not at all bothering about kukatpally..........drianage,garbage etc.... and you say HE CONTRATES ONLY ON LOCAL ISSUES..... you saying he is looking only to WIN, some saying HE LOOSE DEPOSIT.;which was true?/////////// please clarify....

    2.what is responsibilties of MLA in locality.....

  4. If you want to know, what all Dr.JP is doing for Kukatpally, please visit It has all the information of all the development done by Dr.JP till now. That will give you clear understanding on what all Dr.JP has done.

    I never said, he is concentrating only on local issues. What am I saying is, he should concentrate on big issues, because, they have more impact.

    I never said, he is looking only to win. I said, he is going to develop country even if it means, he will lose in the elections.

    MLAs do NOT have any executive powers and responsibilities, other than the development work that they do by the MLA development Funds. MLAs are supposed to help in framing the policies brought by the ministers. They can only give advises and suggestions. They cannot make any policy.