Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why do we need BMW or Benz? Is Maruthi Not Enough?

Whenever few people talk about cars at length, then definitely somebody or other says something like Why do we need BMW or Benz? Is Maruthi Not Enough? Till a month back, I used to think that, it is a waste of money to spend more than the basic limit on cars. I had to change my mind after one incident on Sep 7th.

On September 7th, one engineering student who is a son of a big business magnet was travelling in Honda Accord. He was driving very rashly, and at one place, he lost the control of the vehicle and it hit the divider and fell on a Tata Indica car that was coming in the opposite direction. There were four people in that car, and two people died on the spot, and one person died after few days. The driver escaped with injuries.

But, nothing happened to the student who was driving rashly. Honda Accord has all the security measures, and even in the worst accidents, the people escape with no injuries or very minor injuries. He escaped without any injuries, but, still, he joined the most expensive hospital in Hyderabad, and took the most expensive room that hospital offers, only to escape from the police and court cases.

My friend's friend's brother is one of the three people who died in that accident. After that incident, I realized that, BMW or Benz is never a waste of money. It is just that, since, we cannot afford it, we don't buy. But, if we can afford it, it is definitely worth the money. Had those people were travelling in any expensive vehicles which have all the security measures, nothing would have happened to them.

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  1. some times the worth of a the worth of the person's life.

    yes u r right.