Monday, October 04, 2010

Cheating in Business Vs Cheating in Captial

You and your friend wanted to start a business together. You started the business informally without much legal formalities, since, you believe your friend. After couple of years, when the business is at it's peak, your friend thrown you out of the business by paying peanuts. Since, your friend handled most of the legal formalities and everything was under his name, you cannot even take him to court. Essentially, you lost everything.

How do you want to criticize him? Do you want to beat him or kill him? Please keep that anger for few more minutes.

People of different areas together developed one city and that city started generating lot of revenue for the entire state. Now, the people surrounding that city want a separate state for themselves so that, they get exclusive rights on that city, and other people will lose their share on the revenue of that city.

This scenario is exactly same as the above scenario. If you had become angry by reading the first scenario, please show the same anger on the people who are looting in the second scenario.


  1. Well good logic, but you cannot explain that to the intended target audience, right? What are you gonna say when they say they were denied irrigation water, govt. jobs etc etc?

  2. If they ask for separate state without Hyderabad, I don't think anyone in Coastal or Rayalaseema areas would object.