Friday, June 12, 2009

Insider Information

I heard from many people that, if anyone has insider information, then they can be very successful in trading of that company. I never paid serious attention to that, because, I don't have any plans to be in the senior management/finance department of any public company in the next decade or so.

I am a small developer at the bottom most level. So, I thought, I never need to worry about insider information, because, I will never know it. But, it is not always correct. Sometimes, even ordinary developers at bottom most level also get that information officially. It is just that, the developers have to use their common sense, whether it will impact the trading or not. I failed miserably in that.

I sold the shares that I have at a rate comparatively higher in the last 7 months or so. I thought I was at an advantage. But, if I had waited for some more time, I would have got atleast 10% profit.

If anybody is going to disclose the insider information or any direct/indirect hint as a comment, I would delete that comment.

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