Saturday, September 28, 2013

"None of the above" Option in Voting

For all those who are interested in voting for "None of the above",

For each of the candidates, do you have one reason why you are rejecting that candidate?

Just because, the candidates from the major political parties are bad, it does not mean that, all the candidates are bad.

If you don't spend some time in knowing about the better candidate, and blindly vote for "none of the above" or do not vote to anybody, then irrespective of how many reforms are there, there will not be any improvement.

Every political party should be able to say that, there is no need of "None of the above" option.

They should tell everyone that, people do not need to select "None of the above", since their party is doing best and people should vote for their party instead.

Every political party must contest in all the constituencies, or have an alliance with other political parties to cover all the constituencies. It should be able to tell to whom one should vote in all the constituencies. One cannot change the country without even contesting in the elections.

If that is not the case, then the best option for that party is closing it and becoming an NGO.

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