Friday, October 27, 2006

Change your thoughts, not the way you live

A Master and disciple were returning from a temple to their ashram.

They were passing by the sea shore, when they heard a female voice crying for help. She was drowning. The Master saw this and immediately jumped into the water, swam caught hold of the lady and saved her. The disciple was watching the whole act.

When the Master lifted the lady out of the water she was literally half naked. The Master made her lie down. After she came to her senses in a few minutes, they left her there and walked back.

It was a two hours walk to the ashram.

The disciple asked his Master - "We both are Sanyasis and leading a life of renunciation. Was it proper on your part to lift that beautiful young lady literally half naked condition. Can a Sanyasin touch Women like that?".

The Master asked - "When did I save that women?".

Disciple said - "Two hours ago".

The Master replied - "I lifted her out of the water and dropped her two hours back. I have also dropped the thought that I had saved her from the sea. You have not lifted her, but even after two hours, you have not dropped the thought. You have been carrying this for more than two hours ".

This story shows it is not the action, but what you carry inwardly that counts. People are so ignorant that they give importance only to the outer, external things and not the internal.

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