Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Can I live without google?

Around 10 years back, without power, I could do nothing.
After few years, without computer, I could do nothing.
After few years, without internet, I could do nothing.
Now, without google, I could do nothing.

I am so dependent on many google services inlcluding google search, gmail, orkut, blogger, calendar, docs/spread sheets, google reader. If tomorrow, google says these services are not free, then I may pay money to use these services. Yahoo provides many of these services. But, it is terrible. I hate to open my yahoo mail account, because it eats up my system resources, and I cannot do anything till I close that. If anybody sends mail to my yahoo account, they can be assured that, I will never reply.

Is there anybody who is going to beat google in the near future, or will it become another indispensable? I hope it won't become like microsoft and yahoo, and provides all it's services for free with the same efficiency.

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