Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Useless Experiments by Government

In New Delhi, platform tickets will not be sold in railway station from Nov 7th to Nov 15th. Government says that, it is to reduce the rush in the railway station. Railways is selling around 65,000 platform tickets per day at the railway station, and if they don't sell, then there will be less rush in the railway station. Railways claim that, special permission can be granted for special cases.

I feel it is just another useless experiment by the government. It creates so many problems for senior citizens, and women with kids. I don't think taking special permission would be that much easy for an ordinary person. If an ordinary person wants to go inside railway station, first he/she needs to know that, they grant special permission for few people. They needs to know whom should they approach for that. Then, they have to find out the criteria for the special permission, and the list goes on. In that one week, Railways is going to lose 13.65 lakh rupees, because of this experiment.

Of course, for everything, there would be a work around. Just take a train ticket to next railway station, and you can go inside without having any platform ticket. If there is another railway station near by this railway station, then most of the time, you can get a ticket for less than Rs.5. It is better than platform ticket, because, we can stay whole day in the railway station, where as with platform ticket, we can stay only for 2 hours.

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