Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Google News - About Feeds or Feeds

Whenever I open a website, and if the site looks good, then I immediately search for the feed, and add it to my google reader. I know google news for a long time. I tried to read the news many times, but, gave up. Because, I wanted to add google news feed, Google news page has RSS, and Atom. But, both are general feeds (and not specific to a category), and I don't want to add general news feed. I know about feeds, so, I never clicked on About Feeds. Only today, while browsing in different pages, I went to one page, and I saw that there are feeds for all the categories separately. Then, I realized that, it is linked from About Feeds. If it had been just Feeds, I would have added the feeds atleast one year back.

I am sure, there would be many people who will not click About Feeds, because they know about feeds. If it is changed to Feeds or All Feeds, then many people will use those feeds. I understand that, that page also contains about feeds. But, by using About word, they may lose advanced users.

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