Thursday, November 06, 2008

BSNL and Indian Postal Service

I applied for BSNL broadband internet connection in June. While entering the data, the data entry operator did not enter correct communication address. When I asked to correct it, she told me that, system cannot allow to change the address once entered. She told me that, I can give address change request only after generating the first bill. i.e., I can give only after July 10th. I went to BSNL office after july 10th, and gave the request for address change. Next month, I did not receive the bill. I went to office again and told them that, I have not received the bill. I expected reply like, we will send a duplicate bill or Let me check the address. But, the reply was, Ask your postman. I again checked my address, and removed few extra spaces in the company name, and gave a new request to change the address again. I waited for two months. But, I did not get bill. I stopped bothering about the bill. Today, I received a bill from BSNL. I was very happy that, at last I started getting bills from BSNL. After that, I saw the issue date, and it was 7-Aug-2008.

I don't know when will our government offices change.

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