Thursday, February 26, 2009

Connecting to remote machines and working

I would like to curse all the managers, team leads, directors who ask developers to connect to remote machines in different country and develop from there.

These are the curses that I am cursing them.

  • They will always work on remote machines which has to be connected by doing VNC to one machine in different country, and from there again VNC to their machine which is in another country over a very slow speed internet.
  • They will suffer forever with Windows Vista or very similar OS, and struggle with incompatibility at all levels including hardware, application softwares, device drivers etc.
  • They will spend $150,000 every year for their softwares for upgradations, and would go bankrupt very soon. (Microsoft Office Pro - $1150, Vista Ultimate - $850, Visual Studio Team Suite - $15,000, MS SQL Server Enterprise - $35,000, Exchange Server - $10,000 etc., and had to pay four times for Quad Proc machine)
  • After developing and successfully releasing one breakthrough software which collapses 20 companies, and outdates 50 products, they will realize that, they used one library which is under GPL v3 and copyrighted by only Richard Stallman.

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